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21 Best 4th of July Appetizers Ideas For A Crowd!

4th of July is coming so soon. If you are looking for some easy 4th of july party ideas, these mouth-watering red, white, and blue appetizer recipes are the best! Whether you are throwing a party for a big batch or getting together, these 4th of July appetizers are the great 4th of July side dish for a crowd. From 4th of july BBQ ideas, star-spangled dips, salads, finger foods, savory or sweet appetizer ideas to fruit, and vegetable platters, 4th of july vegan appetizers, bbq appetizers, smores desserts, mini tart, pie recipes, and many more 4th of july finger foods are here to enjoy the day and that is sure to impress your guests! These fourth of July appetizers are perfect 4th of july food ideas or 4th of July recipes to celebrate the patriotic day. 

21. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries
Source: dessertnowdinnerlater.com

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries are so delicious and fun to prepare with cheesecake stuffing. This red, white and blue combination of is 4th of july appetizers idea makes you super crazy in every bite. This is light, easy to make, no bake desserts, and low carb keto friendly too. 

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20. Baked Brie Crostini with Crispy Prosciutto

Baked Brie Crostini with Crispy Prosciutto
Source: halfbakedharvest.com

Baked Brie Crostini with Crispy Prosciutto is a perfect 4th of july appetizers ideas that is so simple to prepare with fig jam, crispy prosciutto, and buttery, creamy Brie, then finished off with a drizzle of sweet honey. It takes only 20 minutes to prepare at home and is great for parties or Mother’s Day brunch or as a simple appetizer.

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19. Taco Wonton Cups

Taco Wonton Cups
Source: thefeatherednester.com

These Taco Wonton Cups are delicious and perfect bite-sized snack appetizer for everyone. Each bite makes you heaven during any parties or holidays. These cups are filled with taco filling and are so tasty!

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18. Red, White & Blue Cake Batter Dip

Red, White & Blue Cake Batter Dip
Source: sugarandsoul.co

This Cake Batter Dip is so colorful and made with just 4 ingredients and is ready in just 5 minutes! Serve this dip with crackers, nachos or any side dish whatever you like and perfect for any occasion like birthdays, graduations, the 4th of July!

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17. Red White & Blue Tortilla Chips

Red White & Blue Tortilla Chips
Source: triedandtasty.com

Red White & Blue Tortilla Chips are crispy, crunchy, and great 4th of july side dish or 4th of july snacks to celebrate. If you want, you can drizzle red or blue melted candy melt over them for an extra fun touch, and whipping up fresh whipped cream, Yum!

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16. Easy Grilled Chicken Tacos

Easy Grilled Chicken Tacos
Source: midwestfoodieblog.com

If you are looking for some chicken tacos recipes, must try this amazing delicious Grilled Chicken Tacos. This recipe is quick and easy to make at home for weeknight meal or snacks or side dish or appetizers. With homemade chicken taco seasoning and other simple 10 ingredients you can prepare this recipe for your family or guests. 

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15. Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Jalapeno Popper Pizza
Source: midwestfoodieblog.com

Love pizza? Must try this vegan side dish or party appetizer – jalapeno popper pizza. This pizza is so delicious and quick to make with simple ingredients. Adding your favourite toppings such as jalapeno poppers – sharp cheddar, bacon, jalapenos, and cream cheese make this recipe so tasty and hand-held appetizer everyone will love!

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14. Mini Star Pies

Mini Star Pies
Source: ifyougiveablondeakitchen.com

Mini blueberry pies are delicious 4th of july desserts or bite sized treats that are so quick to make at home. This is a perfect patriotic dessert for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July! Or you can serve as 4th of July appetizers for a crowd to enjoy this holidays or Beach picnics.

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13. Star Chips And Cheese Dip

Star Chips And Cheese Dip
Source: pizzazzerie.com

Star Chips And Cheese Dip is so much delicious and easiest quick fun 4th of july appetizer ideas made with hot baked Vidalia Onion Dip with cream cheese and cheddar cheese. It just awesome to taste and serve this with crackers or nachos or any vegetables or whatever you like.

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12. Jalapeno Popper Cheese Ball Recipe

Jalapeno Popper Cheese Ball Recipe
Source: midwestfoodieblog.com

If you throwing a party and have no time on your hand right now, this jalapeno popper cheese ball recipe comes together in just minutes. So creamy, tasty and simple to make with jalapeno popper flavors – cream cheese, sharp cheddar, and crispy bacon. A perfect mini appetizer for your next get-together or celebrating 4th of july. 

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11. Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs
Source: carlsbadcravings.com

Looking for chicken kabobs recipes & Hawaiian chicken recipes for summer? Must try this Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs at home. These easy chicken dishes are the perfect and great party side dish for any holiday patriotic day or 4th of july. It takes only 30 minutes to prepare and serve this with 4th of july drinks!

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10. Red, White & Blue Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Red, White & Blue Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Source: princesspinkygirl.com

Red, White & Blue Chocolate Covered Strawberries are one of my best ever 4th of july appetizers or desserts! Chocolate and strawberries are the most popular combination all over the world and if you want some sweet appetizer or sweet tooth instant, these Chocolate Covered Strawberries are the perfect dessert to celebrate these patriotic holiday’s!

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9. Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs

Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs
Source: dinnersdishesanddesserts.com

Wanna try some meatball appetizers? Let’s try Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs! Classic in taste, and loaded with chicken stuffing and tossed with kung pao sauce and served with rice and veggies for a quick and easy dinner. 

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8. White Mushroom Pizza

White Mushroom Pizza
Source: damndelicious.net

Love mushroom? Let’s make this WHITE MUSHROOM PIZZA! This pizza is loaded with 2 types of cheese and garlic herb sautéed mushrooms! It takes only 30 minutes or less to make for your big batch party or holidays. 

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7. Coconut Curry Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce

Coconut Curry Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce
Source: midwestfoodieblog.com

These coconut curry chicken skewers are the best ever simple side dish or summer appetizers that are loaded with delicious unique flavors that your family will love. Serve this recipe with creamy peanut sauce, and enjoy!

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6. Brownie and Fruit Kabob Appetizers

Brownie and Fruit Kabob Appetizers
Source: melskitchencafe.com

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5. Strawberry Blueberry Pie

Strawberry Blueberry Pie
Source: alpineella.com

This strawberry blueberry pie is a perfect 4th of july treat to celebrate. This recipe is made with a flakey all butter pie crust, mixed berry pie filling and serve this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

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4. Watermelon Feta Blackberry Skewers

Watermelon Feta Blackberry Skewers
Source: ahealthylifeforme.com

Watermelon is the best ever summer fruit that you can make any recipe with it. Let’s try these amazing Watermelon Feta Blackberry Skewers for 4th of july to enjoy any party or picnic. 

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3. Spinach Berry Salad with Sweet Poppy Seed Dressing

Spinach Berry Salad with Sweet Poppy Seed Dressing
Source: stripedspatula.com

This vibrant Spinach Berry Salad is healthy, light and simple lunch meal or side dish for any occasion or holidays. This salad is packed with spinach, berries and any of your favurite fruits. Serve this salad topped with Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing, and ready in just 20 minutes or less. 

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2. Best Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Best Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Source: damndelicious.net

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1. Patriotic Charcuterie Board

Patriotic Charcuterie Board
Source: tastyoven.com

A perfect and one of the best 4th of july appetizers that make anyone happy instantly! This red, white, and blue patriotic charcuterie board is so simple to customize and prepare in just 15 minutes to put together for summer holiday barbecues or 4th of july holidays. 

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4th of July Appetizers

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