About Us – Yourfoodandhealth

I was once asked by someone, how would I differentiate the words “hunger” and “greed”. Belonging to a family is a bunch of hungry people, I always had the idea that “hunger” is a craving for myriad flavors and textures of various types of food while “greed” can be described as a craving for a larger quantity of food.

Hello, I am Priya. I am a foodie. I think that’s quite elaborate of an introduction! I am very curious about the cuisine of any food. I love making delicious and healthy food and am very passionate about writing, talking, and mostly dreaming about food. The sight of any kind of food just tempts the hell out of me! As long as I’m not experimenting with the recipe of the food, my soul isn’t satisfied. It just happens to me instinctively. The biggest inspiration behind my obsession with food and cooking is my parents. They are both avid cooks and love to cook and feed everyone. We always have a great discussion about food at our dining table. We discuss how a recipe can be cooked in different ways or converted into different flavors. I also love to see and capture pictures of food. So I have created a website about food. I want to bring many great recipes to you and reach closer to you. I promise to introduce budget-friendly recipes and recipes that people of all age groups can enjoy. There will be recipes of not only authentic Indian food but recipes for food from different cuisines and also I try to post recipes of gourmet food that can be made easily at home without spending big money.

I started my website named yourfoodandhealth.com in September, 2022. I work with a bunch of people (my team) who help me execute my work with ease. I would like to give special thanks to my team for helping me manage this website and I know that my entire team will extend their hand of support to me to strengthen this website’s backbone. I hope you will all participate with me in shaping my desire into reality. My heart says that in this journey, you will be the key to fulfilling my dream.