Rice Bowl Recipes

21 Healthy Rice Bowl Recipes For Meal Prep!

Meal prep is a very important part of our daily life. Eating healthy is also another important part too. Lots of vegetables, meats, or fruits make you healthy and refreshing for the week. Here I share some healthy rice bowl recipes that are so quick to prepare at home in a few minutes. 

From breakfast bowls, vegetarian bowls, chicken bowls, and burrito bowls, to vegan meal bowls, sweet potato bowls, and many more healthy power bowl recipes are here to grab as a main course lunch meal prep, or dinner meals for the week. 

These healthy cheap meal prep ideas are healthy and quick to make at home with easy pantry ingredients and are ready in just 30 minutes. If you have no time on your hands or are so much busy with your work or feel lazy someday, these healthy meals prep rice bowls are great and make you full for a long time. Just choose your favorite meal bowls and enjoy your day!

21. Healthy Fried Rice Breakfast Bowl 

Healthy Fried Rice Breakfast Bowl 
Source: beautybites.org

If you are bored with daily breakfast meal prep recipes, just try these healthy Fried Rice Breakfast Bowls. This bowl is so easy to make at home with eggs and other ingredients. You can try this meal at home for the morning that is ready in just 20 minutes max to max to prepare. You can easily rotate this meal for the week by adding any veggies or other simple ingredients. 

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20. Crispy Halloumi Rice Bowl Recipe

Crispy Halloumi Rice Bowl Recipe
Source: iheartvegetables.com

These Halloumi Rice Bowls are healthy, delicious and full of flavor in every bite. This bowl recipe is made with a rainbow of vegetables and topped with crispy cheese. So tasty and easy to make this dish makes you full for lunch or dinner. 

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19. Mediterranean Cava Bowls

Mediterranean Cava Bowls
Source: carlsbadcravings.com

Mediterranean Cava Bowls are one of my best rice bowl recipes that are ideal for meal prep for the week. This bowl is packed with vegetables like cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, and many more of your favorite veggies and served with avocado, blueberry, or any dressings.

This is a delicious, make-ahead recipe, hearty and bursting with fresh, customizable, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern flavors that are ready in just 30 minutes at home. 

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18. Turmeric Rice Bowl with Ginger Chicken 

Turmeric Rice Bowl with Ginger Chicken 
Source: chelseasmessyapron.com

Chicken and Yellow Rice bowls are healthy, and high protein meal prep recipes that are packed with fresh and crunchy veggies, African-inspired yellow rice, paprika-spiced chicken, and the best sun-dried tomato sauce. A simple chicken dish makes this recipe bowl so tasty and best best-ever rice meal for a busy lunch day. 

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17. Black Bean Burrito Bowl

Black Bean Burrito Bowl
Source: littlespoonfarm.com

If you looking for some breakfast burrito recipes for morning meal, give it a try for sure. This Black Bean Burrito Bowls are the perfect plant based meals for lunch or any holiday party or any night of the week for that matter! High in protein, high in fiber this meal is so easy to prepare at home and serve it with an amazing dairy-free creamy chipotle sauce.

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16. Sweet Potato Black Bean Bowls

Sweet Potato Black Bean Bowls
Source: skinnytaste.com

If you love sweet potato recipes, make this meal Roasted Sweet Potato Black Bean Bowls at home. This is a plant-based vegetarian meal prep for all those vegetarians out there. Serve this recipe with tasty and delicious Cream Chipotle Sauce with your favorite toppings. It takes only 20 minutes to make for meal prep. 

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15. Mango Ginger Rice Bowl 

Mango Ginger Rice Bowl 
Source: loveandlemons.com

This mango rice bowl is a perfect and one of the best rice bowl recipes ever during summer days. It a delicious go-to meals or light dinner ideas that is quick to make at home with few simple ingredients and mango, ginger & basil make it wonderfully refreshing.

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14. Honey Chipotle Chicken Rice Bowls

Honey Chipotle Chicken Rice Bowls
Source: reciperunner.com

These Honey Chipotle Chicken Rice Bowls are so healthy, hearty and great for weeknight dinners. This dish is packed with the most delicious sweet and spicy grilled chicken and avocado corn salsa! Honey and spicy make this chicken recipe so tasty and yummy and pair with rice make this meal perfect one the go lunch or dinner meal for family. 

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13. Green Rice & Veggie Nourish Bowls

Green Rice & Veggie Nourish Bowls
Source: eatwithclarity.com

Green Rice & Veggie Nourish Bowls with salmon is a perfect meal prep dinner for the family. With green rice, sauteed kale, crispy cilantro lime salmon and adding topped with cilantro lime crema or sriacha mayo whatever you like you can add as a sides that are great for meal prep for whole family. 

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12. Crumbled Tofu Greek Rice Bowls

Crumbled Tofu Greek Rice Bowls
Source: foodbymaria.com

Looking for healthy high protein lunch recipes with tofu? Try this Crumbled Tofu Greek Rice Bowls at home with just few simple ingredients.

You just need Greek-inspired seasoned tofu and nutritious veggies for hearty meal for lunch or dinner.

You can choose any vegetables whatever you like and ingredients depending on what you have on hand. It takes only 20 minutes or less to prepare at home. 

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11. Fajita Chicken Burrito Bowls

Fajita Chicken Burrito Bowls
Source: kimscravings.com

Delicious chicken burrito bowls are loaded with fajita chicken, bell peppers, black beans, sweet corn, red onion, cilantro lime rice, fresh romaine lettuce, avocado and an easy cilantro lime dressing. This burrito bowl recipe is super versatile and perfect for meal prep dinner or lunch. These easy, flavorful burrito bowls are sure to become a family favorite!

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10. Indian Rice Bowls

Indian Rice Bowls
Source: aheadofthyme.com

I just love indian rice bowls because, this is so delicious, flavorful and easy to customise with any ingredients. This meal is quick to prep and takes just 30 minutes of cook time to make.

With leftovers you can enjoy a great meal prep lunches for a few days after.

Just adding steamed rice, juicy and tender tandoori chicken bites, fresh spring mix salad, and a drizzle of a refreshing yogurt sauce, the meal bowl is ready to take a bite. 

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9. Easy Street Corn Chicken Rice Bowl

Easy Street Corn Chicken Rice Bowl
Source: thewoodenskillet.com

These easy Street Corn Chicken Rice Bowls are a perfect rice bowl recipes that takes only few minutes to prepare. With real, simple ingredients, like grilled chicken, flavorful Mexican street corn, & fresh cilantro on a fluffy rice base, you can easily make this summer dinner that everyone is going to absolutely love!

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8. Veggie Power Bowls

Veggie Power Bowls
Source: runningonrealfood.com

With lots of veggies, these veggie power bowls are the ultimate healthy meal prep for family. This bowl is filled with edamame, crisp veggies, baked tofu and sweet potato and a creamy miso tahini sauce.

It takes just a few minutes or less and it’s ready to grab!

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7. Spicy Shrimp Rice Bowls

Spicy Shrimp Rice Bowls
Source: peasandcrayons.com

Wanna try some seafood recipes? Must make these Spicy Shrimp Rice Bowls for all those seafood lovers. This bowl is made with spicy shrimp, fresh veggies, and tons of tasty toppings! It takes just 30 minutes and is ready for meal prep dinners. 

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6. Sweet Chili Salmon Bowls

Sweet Chili Salmon Bowls
Source: reciperunner.com

Sweet chili salmon bowls are so healthy, flavorful and perfect combination of sweet and spicy flavors! This shrimp bowl is filled with protein, carbs, and fat.

Pair this recipe with a mango cucumber salsa and piled on top of fluffy rice. It is ready in just 30 minutes and makes you full for a long day. 

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5. Sriracha Baked Tofu Rice Bowls

Sriracha Baked Tofu Rice Bowls
Source: runningonrealfood.com

If you looking for some healthy high protein vegan meals or high protein vegetarian recipes, this Sriracha Baked Tofu Rice Bowls recipe is the ultimate solution.

With edamame, avocado, and carrot this bowl is ready for a few minutes. You can also customize it with any of your favorite veggies. 

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4. Kale and Sweet Potato Brown Rice Bowls

Kale and Sweet Potato Brown Rice Bowls
Source: eatingbirdfood.com

If you are searching for some healthy brown rice recipes, must make these Kale and Sweet Potato Brown Rice Bowls. This is a vegan, gluten free, and plant based protein recipe that makes you full and great for a go-to meal for busy weeknights or relaxed weekends. Serve this bowl topped with a delicious savory peanut sauce, enjoy!

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3. Rainbow Vegetable Edamame Bowls with Teriyaki Sauce

Rainbow Vegetable Edamame Bowls with Teriyaki Sauce
Source: minimalistbaker.com

With just 10 ingredients you can quickly make this Rainbow Vegetable Edamame Bowls with Teriyaki Sauce. This meal is flavorful, versatile dish that’s packed with fiber, protein, and a rainbow of vegetables. Tasty and vibrant Teriyaki Sauce makes this meal so yummy and meal-prep friendly too!

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2. Salmon Rice Bowls 

Salmon Rice Bowls 
Source: cookingclassy.com

If you want salmon bowl recipes, make these Salmon Rice Bowls at home. This meal is filled with tender jasmine rice, glazed teriyaki style salmon bites, Asian cabbage slaw, fresh creamy avocado, and crisp cucumber. A flavorful and healthy cheap meal idea to serve with a spicy sriracha mayo for dinner or lunch!

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1. Chipotle Steak Rice Bowls

Chipotle Steak Rice Bowls
Source: therecipecritic.com

Love steak? Make this easy Chipotle Steak Rice Bowls for busy days. This bowl is made with a tender and juicy steak, bell peppers, corn, and avocado over a bed of white or brown rice. This is one of the perfect quick and heavenly rice bowl recipes for a family or any get-together!

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