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21 Amazing Valentines Day Crafts | DIY Homemade Gifts

I have always loved creating beautiful DIY crafts for decorating my space and for gifting my family, friends and relatives on special occasions. Creating handmade gifts and crafts promotes a surge of dopamine in my brain. It has always made me feel good and confident about myself. Just like every year, I’m going to make some valentines day crafts for my partner this year too. He treasures my handmade gifts more than those extravagant store-bought gifts. This article is a sign that this year, on Valentine’s Day, you too should gift self-made valentines day crafts to your beloved.

If you are planning to present your sweetheart handmade gifts, made by your own self this Valentine’s Day, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry, I’m here with my valentines day crafts blog to share some of my easiest and most favorite DIY crafts that you can make all by yourself and gift your loved one and make them feel special. These are small tokens of love that are made with love and your partner will truly treasure them. Valentine’s Day’s in a week, so hurry up!!! You’ve got just one week’s time to create these amazing and exquisite crafts for your partner! Trust me, the expression on their face is going to be worth it.

21. Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Hearts

Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Hearts

One of the cutest valentines day crafts that I made for my partner the previous year were these yarn wrapped cardboard hearts. My partner loved these so much that he hung them on the wall hanging in his bedroom. And trust me when I say that these are terribly easy to make. When I say it, I mean it. You just need 5 materials in order to make these cute red hearts, most of which you might already have in your shelf  – pencil, cardboard, scissors, red yarn and a hot glue gun. I’m very good at drawing the perfect heart shape and it comes out perfect every time.

Yes! I’m lucky with that. But if you find it hard to get the perfect shape, you can always trace it out on the cardboard. Stick an end of your red yarn to the middle of your heart-shaped cardboard with hot glue. Now, all you do is just wrap the piece of cardboard with the yarn completely and when you’re done, secure the other end of the yarn with hot glue again. Viola! Your cute yarn wrapped cardboard heart is ready! Make as many as you want and shower your partner with these yarn wrapped cardboard hearts on Valentine’s Day!
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20. Bouquet of Hearts Card for Valentine’s Day

Bouquet of Hearts Card for Valentine's Day

What excites me more about Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day is that I can make handmade cards for my friends and loved ones. Since my childhood, I have never bought greeting cards from shops. I enjoy making them so much that even as a child I would make dozens of cards every year.

Also, I make drawings and designs on the cards and what I love most about these handmade greeting cards is that I can write custom messages in them for each and every individual. Even, I can write whatever I like and whatever I need to tell my dear ones through these cards. This year I am going to make these bouquets of hearts cards for Valentine’s Day and I am so excited to share with you how to make them.

As I have already told you, all of my DIY crafts and handmade gifts are extremely easy to make, so are these bouquets of hearts cards. So, quickly get your hands on these 5 supplies that are – white card stock, colored papers, markers, ribbon and some white glue, because we are going to create these amazing Valentines Day crafts for our loved ones.
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19. DIY Valentines Heart Pom-Poms

DIY Valentines Heart Pom-Poms

If you have been searching the internet for some Valentines Day crafts to make then your search ends here! Because I have brought to you some of the most amazing DIY crafts that you can make for Valentine’s day for your darling. These adorable DIY Valentine’s heart pom-poms are immensely easy to make. These are the three items that you will need to make these heart pom poms – multi pack of pom-pom makers, yarn and scissors.

By following only a few simple steps, these handmade gifts will be ready to give your special one on the special occasion of valentines day! Wrap, cut, trim and shape – it’s that simple! These pom-poms can be used to decorate your trees, greeting cards, your living room or any corner of your house. They are just so cute and beautiful that they will simply look good on anything! So grab the items and start making these heart-shaped pom-poms for Valentine’s Day because you don’t have much time left on your hands!
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18. Valentine Gnome Dessert Board

 Valentine Gnome Dessert Board

I am planning to host a party on the eve of Valentine’s Day. There will be drinks, snacks, and dinner. But I have never hosted a party where I haven’t been able to make a charcuterie board. I really like charcuterie boards because they feature so many different flavors in one board. Generally, charcuterie boards are made with different kinds of cheese, fruits and crackers but for Valentine’s day, I wanted to create something special for my charcuterie board.

The idea of this Valentine gnome dessert board occurred to me just right then. Instead of adding cheese and fruits and crackers, I created this charcuterie board with chocolates, red, pink and purple M&M’s, heart candy and strawberries. I arranged them in the shape of the head of a gnome and I can’t wait to see you all make it as your Valentines Day crafts. It will be a sweet treat for your sweethearts on this lovely occasion of Valentine’s Day!
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17. Heart Shaped Dog Valentine Craft

Heart Shaped Dog Valentine Craft

You don’t need to do a lot to impress your partner if he or she is a dog lover. Remember, that their dogs are the dearest to them. They love them more than anyone else. So, the key to impressing them is to be their dog’s favorite. If your partner, like mine, is a dog lover, then I have just the perfect idea for handmade gifts that you can offer them as Valentine’s Day gifts. This heart shaped dog Valentine craft is one of the cutest and easiest DIY crafts that you can make for your dog lover partner.

You just need to get your hands on these items and with just a little effort, you can easily create this heart shaped dog Valentine craft. You’ll need white pom poms, a black pom pom, pink and white card stock paper, scissors, glue and googly eyes. And that’s it! Trust me, these 15-minute Valentines Day crafts are going to be your partners absolute favorite and they will treasure these forever!
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16. Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklace

Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklace

These heart thumbprint charm necklaces are so vintage-looking that you will be totally flabbergasted with their appearance. They will really be one of the classiest and choicest Valentines Day crafts that you can gift your partner. This Valentine’s Day, make your partner feel extra special by gifting them these handmade heart thumbprint charm necklaces. They are going to absolutely treasure these handmade gifts from you, I promise.

These are, by far, one of the most unique and also one of my most favorite DIY crafts that I have ever created and I also want you people to make these for your special one and make them feel loved and cared for. For creating these exquisite charm necklaces, you’ll need oven bake clay, a small rolling pin, a heart shaped cookie cutter, bobby pins, paints and paint brushes, necklace chains and jump rings. With these few supplies and your thumbprints, you can create these heart thumbprint charm necklaces for your beloved.
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15. “Love You to Pieces” DIY Valentine Wreath

"Love You to Pieces" DIY Valentine Wreath

Are you someone who’s struggling to find something gorgeous to give their partner on Valentine’s Day? You might have been trying to brainstorm some DIY crafts that will be really special and unique and that you want to make with your own hands and lots of love for your dear one. Don’t worry, sweetheart, I have got you covered with my Valentine’s Day crafts and handmade gifts that you can create very easily, in no time and with absolute precision.

I assure you that this “Love You to Pieces” DIY Valentine wreath will look no less than a professionally made craft and at no point will you regret making this for your partner. Let’s learn how to make them and what you will need for making them. The list of tools and supplies that you will need to make this Valentine’s wreath is a little long, but I guarantee you that the results will be worth investing in.
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14. 3D Heart Card

3D Heart Card

You are short on budget but you also want to give a really hearty gift to your partner on this Valentine’s Day. So you are sad, because you can find nothing that your partner likes that fits your budget. Let me tell you, little girl/boy, money doesn’t define if your present is good enough. If you really want to give your partner something that he/she will truly treasure, that gift should be a gift that is made with love and with your own hands.

The good news is that, I have brought to you some of my most amazing Valentines Day crafts that you can make for your partner and these DIY crafts will be really light on your pockets, I swear. So, stop worrying and get ready to create these amazing handmade gifts for Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love handmade greeting cards? Everyone does, right? This 3D heart card is such a unique card that it will instantly bring a broad smile to your partner’s face when you will give it to them and it will prove to you that a gift cannot be judged as good or bad by how costly it is.
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13. Valentine Bear Heart Cards

Valentine Bear Heart Cards

Does your partner love cute teddy bears? And have you been gifting her teddy bears every year for Valentine’s Day? If you are bored with gifting her the same thing every year and want to give her something different this year, then you should definitely try making these Valentine bear heart cards.

These are cute and adorable and absolutely easy to make. You can also tuck it somewhere in the teddy bear that you are going to give your partner. They will love it! You can also write cute messages to your partner inside these cards. Ans, you might think that it will be too difficult to make these cards, but if I tell you how to make them, you won’t be thinking the same anymore. 

You need just a few things and you will be able to make these beelar heart cards pretty easily. Get yourself some cardstock papers in colors red, white and gray to make polar bears or red, brown and beige to make brown bears, scissors, a black marker and glue. Follow these simple steps and you will land up with these cute Valentines day crafts that your partner will cherish.
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12. Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher

Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher

We are married for just a month now and this is going to be our first Valentine’s day together after our wedding. I want to really make sure that we spend a romantic and cozy time together this Valentine’s Day. And for the gifts… sure, I am going to give him something that he will absolutely love. We have moved to a new apartment after our wedding and my husband loves to decorate the apartment and frequently buys beautiful decorating pieces for our apartment.

He saw these stained glass suncatchers in a cafe where we went together on a date the other week and my husband so loved them that he asked the cafe-owner if they were available for sale. But sadly, the cafe-owner refused and he felt a little sad. She also looked for them in several shops but couldn’t find anything close to them. So, I knew right that instant, what to give him as a Valentine present this year.

I am going to make him stained glass heart suncatchers that he can use to decorate his space, the living room or the balcony or the windows, anywhere he likes. These are also so easy to make. You just need to paint the glasses cut in heart shapes and arrange them as wall hangings and that’s it! I am so excited to see how he is going to react after receiving these stained glass heart suncatchers from me as a Valentine present!!
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11. Valentine Cricut Projects

Valentine Cricut Projects

If you already don’t know about the Valentine cricut project, then let me tell you what it is. You can design customized gifts for your partner through the cricut app and these gifts will be made according to your customisation and will reach your home. You can create beautiful designs and multiple DIY crafts for your partner through this app just by clicking on your screen and your Valentines Day crafts will be ready.

I got to know about the cricut project last year and tried it to create some beautiful handmade gifts for my husband. Each and every gift that I designed was created ditto and my husband just loves them. I created 15 such gifts because it was the 15th Valentine’s Day we were spending together. (Can’t believe it’s going to be 16 years this year!) If you don’t have enough time but want to give handmade gifts to your loved ones, you should definitely try this cricut project. I am sure you will love how convenient it is to use and the results are also impeccable.
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10. Easy Friendship Rocks for Valentine’s 

Easy Friendship Rocks for Valentine's 

I was planning to give something unique to my partner this year. I have gifted cards, dresses, teddy bears and so many other common things. But this year, I want my valentine present to be something different than these. I had collected some rocks from my trip to a valley last year and it suddenly occurred to me that I can create something using those rocks. So, I took some red paint and with the help of my fingers, I created heart shapes on those rocks.

I also drew eyes, mouth, hands and legs to make the heart shapes look like funny cartoons. These were so cute and so unique and most importantly so easy to make. If you don’t have rocks at your home, you can find them in stores and shops that sell them. Get some red paint and a good black marker and you will be done with making these Valentines Day crafts in less than 20 minutes! Make these for your partner this Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to let me know how they liked it.
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9. Sponge Painted Hearts Valentine’s Day Art Project

Sponge Painted Hearts Valentine's Day Art Project

My little daughter who is a toddler said to me that she wants to make Valentine’s Day gifts for her father and she wants me to help her. Awww! Isn’t it so freaking cute of her! So, I decided to do a fun art activity with her to make some handmade gifts for her father. I mostly stay busy with work and this way I can spend some time with my daughter. I used white card stock papers, some red and pink paint and sponges to dab the paint on the card stock paper.

Cut a paper in heart shape that is comparatively smaller to the paper that you are going to paint on. Now stick the heart-shaped paper to the white card stock paper and paint it with red and pink paint using the sponges. We really enjoyed creating these Valentines Day crafts together and her father was so thrilled to receive these gifts from us. He couldn’t believe that we made it for him all by ourselves!
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8. Thumbprint Heart Glass Magnets

Thumbprint Heart Glass Magnets

Since my childhood, I have loved to create DIY crafts. My father was very good at making handmade gifts and crafts and he always encouraged me to create crafts by myself. I don’t quite remember that I have ever given someone any store bought gift all my life. I have always offered handmade gifts to my family, friends and relatives. This is my first Valentine’s day with my partner and I am going to make sure that I will make him the best handmade gifts I have ever made in my entire life. I have also told him that I am not going to accept any store-bought gift from him. 

He may gift me something if he can make it with his own hands or else he doesn’t need to give me any Valentine’s Day present at all. It’s either that or nothing at all. Because as much as I love to make handmade gifts for others I also wish to receive them from others. For this Valentine’s Day, I am going to make him these cute thumbprint heart glass magnets. Here, I am sharing with you how to make these, so you too, can make these Valentine Day crafts for your partner.
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7. Valentine’s Day Heart Caterpillar

Valentine's Day Heart Caterpillar

My little toddler loves to make DIY crafts just like me so I often sit her up and do these fun art activities with her. As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, she wanted to make some Valentines Day crafts. So, together we created this cute Valentine’s Day heart caterpillar. It’s so cute!!! If you have little ones at home, you should also try making such fun handmade gifts and crafts with them. They will have a lot of fun creating these easy and cute and creative crafts. And the joy in their eyes after creating these is going to be worth it. She gifted this heart Caterpillar to her father on Valentine’s Day and he appreciated her creative skills and took the both of us on a drive for some ice cream treat.
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6. Valentines Paper Fortune Cookies

I have always wanted to open my own page where I will share my craft-making ideas with everyone. Now that I have my page, I keep on writing about how to make different innovative DIY crafts like an insane! Creating handmade gifts and crafts gives me joy but being able to share the process of making them with all of you gives me so much pleasure, that I can’t express it in words! Today, I am going to share how to make these Valentine’s paper Fortune cookies on my blog.

They look amazing and are perfect for gifting your loved ones, be it on Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving or birthdays. You can gift these Fortune cookies to anyone on any occasion you like. I personally like to make these paper Fortune cookies with marbled papers but you can also use colorful papers to make these. If you want to know how to make marbled papers, I am going to share that too, with you. These easy handmade gifts are inexpensive but these gifts are a lot more valuable than costly store-bought gifts.
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5. Salt Dough Conversation Hearts

Salt Dough Conversation Hearts

Here’s one more DIY craft idea that you can enjoy making with your kids. These salt dough conversation hearts are so cute and easy to make that you can easily make them with your children. I promise, they will enjoy making these so much that it will make them addicted to creating crafts. Engage your little ones in fun craft-making activities. They will both learn how to make crafts and have fun.

For making these salt dough conversation hearts, you first need to prepare the salt dough and that is extremely easy. After you’re done making the dough, divide it in portions and paint them with your favorite colors. Then roll them out and with the help of heart-shaped cookie cutters, cut them out in heart shapes. You can also write messages on them using letter stamps. So, let the conversation game start through these salt dough conversation hearts!
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4. Handprint Valentine

Handprint Valentine

You will be mind blown at how easily these handprint Valentine cards can be made. They are beautiful and so effortless to make and people who love handmade gifts and cards are going to adore them. All you need to do is draw out your handprint on a piece of coloring card stock paper and cut it out.

Then you need to cut out small hearts from a card stock paper that is of a different color from the one on which you had your handprint on. Then you just stick the hearts on the handprint and now you can write cute messages to whomever you want to give them to. You can also decorate them if you would like to. Give them to your loved ones and I am sure they will certainly like them.
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3. Candy Cane Heart Suckers

Candy Cane Heart Suckers

Hey! I am here to remind you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! I am presuming that you had forgotten about it but don’t worry, if you haven’t yet thought of what to give your partner as a Valentine’s day treat, then I am here to help you with that. What can we better than something sweet to gift your partner on Valentine’s Day? These Candy cane heart suckers are the perfect sweet treat to gift your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. These are going to make your day even sweeter than you had imagined.

These Candy cane heart suckers for Valentine’s Day are also very simple to make. If you want to start your Valentine’s Day on a sweeter note, you have to make these Candy cane heart suckers. I made these for my husband when we celebrated our first anniversary and it’s been ages since I have made these. I was suddenly reminded of these Candy cane heart suckers when I was flipping through an old photo album. So, here I am, sharing with you how to make these Candy cane heart suckers for your Valentine.
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2. Valentine’s Day Suncather

Valentine’s Day Suncather

This will be our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple; we’ve only been wed for a month. This Valentine’s Day, I really want to make sure that we have a lovely and cozy day together. And as for the presents, you can be sure I’ll give him something he’ll adore. After we got married, we moved into a new apartment, and my spouse loves to decorate it and frequently buys lovely decor items for it. My husband noticed these suncatchers in a cafe where we just went on a date, and he fell in love with them to the point where he inquired if they were for sale. 

Sadly, the cafe owner declined, and he was somewhat disappointed. He looked for them in numerous stores as well, but he was unable to locate anything similar to them. I immediately knew what to get him for Valentine’s Day this year as a result. I’ll make him Valentine’s Day suncatchers that he can use to adorn his home, including the living room, balcony, windows, or wherever else he sees fit. It’s also really simple to build these. Simple wall hangings can be made by painting glasses that have been sliced into heart shapes. I can’t wait to see how he will respond to the Valentine’s Day suncatchers that I am giving him as a Valentine’s gift!
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1. Notan Heart Art

Notan Heart Art

I love to make origami. But it wasn’t until recently, that I found out about this Japanese att form known as “Notan”. I learnt about it from a Facebook friend who is from Japan. Even, she creates beautiful crafts and showcases them on her Facebook profile. Also, she always has a huge audience that follows her page. She recently shared pictures of her Noton art creations and I couldn’t help but ask her about how she created them. She was kind enough to tell me everything about it.

We had a lot of discussion and she explained to me what this Notan art form is and how to create them. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, I wanted to create something for my partner using this art form that I have recently learned. Valentine’s day, I created this Notan heart art. I can’t wait to see how my partner reacts after receiving this gift from me! I’m so excited!!!
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