Valentine's Day Cookies

21 Easy Valentines Day Cookies For Celebration!

There is no specific day to express love to your partner. They are special people to us throughout the year. But every person has a special day like everyone’s birthday. We like to feel special on our birthdays. Valentine’s Day is one such day.  The day we make our loved ones feel their best. On this day of the year, we want to show them how important they are in our lives. Thank you because they came into my life. Love, make your partner happy by making little handmade gifts and food.  Possible. I’m not here to talk about spending a lot of money.  Homemade with little money means food prepared by your own hands. I have selected some of the best Valentines Day cookies for this special day.

I believe you will love them. These dessert ideas will convey love to your loved ones. There really are no better ideas on the day. These holiday ideas and a little loving behavior will be able to create a great moment for you and your partner. I can guarantee that this holiday will be a memorable one for you. So worry no more.  Scroll through! and plan!

1. Valentine’s Day Chocolate & Raspberry Cookies

Cookies are one of the foods that everyone loves.  If it is made at home then there is no room to do it. I love to make cookies. When I get time these days I make cookies and store them for days. I really like to have homemade cookies and a cup of coffee when I come home from the office.  I don’t want anything. My husband and so on.

My husband eats cookies every now and then. At the office, watching TV, playing with kids.  Jack is truly a cookie-crazy man.  So I thought of making cookies for Jack this year on Valentine’s Day. I would give him a pile of cookies in a big basket.  And a beautiful card with my heart written on it. That is also made by my own hands. And I will give you a bunch of fresh flowers from the garden.  Actually, we all love our partner very much but we don’t get time to express it because of everyday busyness.

This Valentine’s day I will get a chance to express it. I will never miss this opportunity. I am going to give my chocolate and raspberry cookies to my husband.  And lots of love to him. These cookies are my husband’s favorite. They are made with chocolate and fresh or frozen raspberries. Very easy to store. Jack will be eating these Valentines Day cookies for days and he will think of me. He he!
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2. Pink Ombre Valentine’s Day Cookies

Pink Ombre Valentine's Day Cookies

These Pink Ombre Valentines Day Cookies are amazingly cute.  These types of dessert ideas are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Such a beautiful color variation, really wonderful! These special cookies are made by adding eggs, flour, food coloring gel, white chocolate chips, etc. Color variations of these cookies can be brought through food coloring. These cookies convey your love to your partner. These cookies are soft, and crumbly and have a delicious taste. Start the relationship with more sweetness on Valentine’s day with these sweet cookies.
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Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie Fudge

Last Valentine’s Day I tried to create a beautiful moment for mom and dad.  I made Valentine’s Day with a table and many candles in the garden of our house. Father and mother were very surprised and very happy. They have been together for so many years in the bond of love.  Maybe never told that they are so special to each other. So I gave them a chance to talk (which doesn’t happen with housework, office, and kids). 

I made cookies for them. In fact, when I was a child, I used to see my father feeding my mother cookies on this day. My mother is a cookie bug. So my father used to make these cookies twice every year. One day on my mother’s birthday and another day on Valentine’s Day. Now I make cookies for both of us. 

Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookie Fudge recipe is mom’s favorite. It’s so soft and buttery. Everyone will love to bake it. It includes almond bark and sugar cookie mix, which these cookies make.  Decorate these holiday ideas with holiday sprinkles. I’m sure you’ll love these soft and sweet-filled cookies. Give it a try!
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4. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Cookies

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Cookies

This Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Cookies recipe is one of the best dessert ideas. It is the best cookie for any celebration. These classic-looking cookies will win everyone’s hearts very easily. It is also very easy to make.  Have you tried cookies with strawberry cake mix? If you haven’t, try it. You’ll be a crazy fan the first time. 

These cookies are baked for 10 minutes. Then cooled and dipped in melted white chocolate wafers. Note that  The cookies are half-dipped.  Then decorate with heart sprinkles and these soft, biscuit-flavored cookies are ready. You’ll be blown away by the aroma of butter and strawberry cake mix. So make them without delay!
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5. Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies

Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies

These Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies are the perfect recipe for Valentines Day cookies. They are full of hearty flavors. They are sweet cookies filled with a crunchy outside and cream cheese inside. And you will get a touch of fresh strawberry in every bite. Because of the addition of strawberry extract and chopped strawberries.  Yes!  It’s a cookie filled with strawberries. I love to bake and then again it’s fun to bake a dessert filled with strawberries.

It creates a different taste. These cookies are different from all the others. It’s crumbly, crunchy, and creamy inside you get lost in it.  Go ahead. I was so happy to receive these cookies as a gift. My husband made them himself for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t believe it at first when I tried it and my partner made it. Honestly, I’m so lucky to have my husband.  I feel the love!
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6. Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies

Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t really like cake stacker cookies. And, I like cookies that are a bit biscuity, chewy, crisp, and tender. Even, I wanted to make cookies that weren’t soft or spongy like a cake, but rather crisp and 100% puffy. I searched a lot.  Searched and found Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. After making this I was totally satisfied.

I was trying to make just such dessert ideas. I want to make these cookies for my partner on Valentine’s Day. Because he loves these kinds of cookies. He doesn’t like store-bought cookies. Neither does Cake Staker’s cookies. I’m sure he’ll love these. I’m counting down the days to Valentine’s Day!
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7. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Heart Cookies 

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Cookies 

I made these Valentine’s Day Chocolate Heart Cookies in a different way. The ingredients were all the same, but the method of preparation was different. If it is made for Valentine’s Day, it should be baked in a heart shape. And I made a round shape for my birthday.  For my son’s birthday. I used m&m’s but not the love sprinkles.

Now I really wanted to make birthday cookies for Valentine’s Day. But according to the love theme. To make it, I used a heart shaped whoopie pie pan. You have this heart.  If you don’t have a shaped whoopie pie pan, you can make it in any shape you want. This is a very delicious, easy and quick snack. Only 10 minutes of baking will make these cookies. It’s thrillingly delicious.
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8. Linzer Cookies Italian Strawberry Jam

Linzer Cookies Italian Strawberry Jam

This Linzer cookies Italian strawberry jam is amazingly hearty. We are already obsessed with Italian desserts. It is made with strawberry jam. Honestly, any dessert with jam is my favorite. I had a great experience with these cookies. Once  It was left in front of my house in a bucket with a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day.

I was so surprised. Then I saw the card and realized it was a gift from my boyfriend. Believe me the cookies were so beautiful and delicious. These cookies are luxurious to me. This Valentine’s Day.  Cookies are the perfect dessert.  Which is going to be loved by all.
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9. Valentine Crinkle Cookies

Valentine Crinkle Cookies

These Valentine Crinkle Cookies are the perfect recipe for holiday ideas. My husband and I love sweet desserts. And if it’s cookies, then there’s no question. Expressing love with sweet treats is so easy and no hassle. These are easy cookies to make. 

Propose to your partner with pink heart cookies. Express how much you love him. My husband and I cook together on Valentine’s Day. From cookies to desserts. I think it’s ours.  Makes for a special time. Of course, it’s also a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
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10. Valentine’s Day Love Bird Sugar Cookies

Valentine's Day Love Bird Sugar Cookies

These Valentine’s Day Love Bird Sugar Cookies are the perfect dessert ideas to celebrate love.  They teach you how to make dough marbled cookies. You can customize it. You can change it according to the occasion you want. Made in pink and white for Valentines. Use any color you like for weddings or other occasions. They are great for everyone. 

Cute idea but best idea for young parrots.  You won’t believe it only takes 10 minutes to make.  These delicious cookies are made by adding all purpose flour, butter, vanilla extract, almond extract etc. They are very soft and beautiful. These sweet love birds are also very easy to pack. I am sure you are going to make it right now…
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11. Valentine’s Day Pinwheel Cookies

Valentine's Day Pinwheel Cookies

I have made Valentines day Cookies. Many people think it is very difficult but believe me it is very easy. It takes a little time to pepper. But it takes only 10 minutes to bake. I love the taste. I threw it, a  gift, to my husband on a romantic evening. Even, I think there is no special day to surprise your partner.  But to celebrate the relationship of two definitely needs a special day. I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Cut the pink, red and white colored cookies and decorate them as you like. I was decorated with three colored hearts. Lots of cookies, candles on the table and my life partner with him and our favorite song “I found a love, for me darling, just dive right in and follow my lead ” …..
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12. Rose Cookies

Rose Cookies

This Rose Cookies recipe is one of the most beautiful desserts for Valentines Day Cookies. There is no one who will not like it. And if you do, make it for him, I guarantee he will become a fan of roses. It is the best way to celebrate love and also a beautiful gift. Everyone loves this red dough rose.

It looks like candy to me. It’s so easy to store or send as a gift. It’s just a little time consuming. No time to make, just time to chill.  Make a rose for your partner with your own hands. Soft and creamy, these cookies are sure to be loved by your partner. Use a cutter to make a rose shape and then pipe it. Add the filling.
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13. Strawberry-Frosted Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Strawberry-Frosted Chocolate Sugar Cookies

These Strawberry-Frosted Chocolate Sugar Cookies are one of the perfect holiday recipes. They’re enough to cheer you up any time. These aren’t bite-sized cookies, they’re spoon-fed cookies.  They’re cakey, soft, and creamy cookies that combine chocolate and  Made with the combination of strawberries. In these cookies you will get the perfect strawberry aroma, which will charm your heart and also your partner.
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14. Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Are you looking for Oreo Base Cheesecake?  Your search ends here. Because today I will bring you an Oreo Cheesecake. Find out how easy it is. It’s not just as perfect as Valentines Day cookies. It’s the perfect dessert to brighten up any special day. These dessert ideas are for everyone.  Perfect. It retains the characteristics of your favorite.

Oreos and Cheesecake are a very popular pairing, the best pair to win your heart. Pink color is added for Valentine’s touch. Oreos are crushed in it. I like it the most because it is not made in a perfect shape.  Not fully round and not fully oval.  As you can see, these cookies are handmade and made with a lot of care and love.
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15. Valentines Day Spritz Cookies

Valentines Day Spritz Cookies

My father is a dessert lover. I learned to make desserts from my father.  My father is my inspiration. My father loves to eat and feed everyone. On any big festival like Christmas or New Year, my father used to make sweet desserts and pack them for friends. And Valentine’s Day is a very special festival for my father.  Thank you mother for coming into your life.  

My dad and I follow suit. I learned these Valentines Day Spritz Cookies from my dad. My dad is not a professional cookie teacher, but definitely a perfect taste tester. My dad is a perfect cook. These sweet cookies contain pure almond extract, vanilla  Made with extract, butter and cream cheese. It’s just a 10 minute dessert recipe. Can’t believe it!  Yes it’s true. It looks tiny and tastes amazing. A lot can be made at once. And it keeps well for a long time.
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16. Ombré Raspberry Lemon Sugar Cookies

Ombré Raspberry Lemon Sugar Cookies

These Ombré Raspberry Lemon Sugar Cookies are small, cute and pretty cookies. They carry the perfect holiday ideas. These delicious sweet hearts are made with butter sticks, vanilla extract, lemon zest, cream cheese, freeze dried raspberries and more.  Perfect dessert Valentines Day cookies to celebrate the day. Pink cream on top and soft cakey cookies on the bottom. It’s really delicious. It only takes a few minutes to make. You can change the color of the cream to your liking. I know you love your partner a lot of cream. The connected heart is about to give a gift.
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Sugar Cookie Balls

These Sugar Cookie Balls are the perfect Valentines Day cookies. They are enough to celebrate a special moment or sweet moment with your partner. I believe that celebrating a special day makes relationships much stronger. These cookies are filled with sugar cookies, cream cheese, red candy melts and sprinkles of your choice. They are soft, crumbly and creamy. Lots of tie cake flavor. Easy to make and gift packed.  Easy. So don’t delay! Let’s make Sugar Cookie Balls!
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18. Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies

Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies

These Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies are a bunch of gems, perfect for being a Valentine’s Day showstopper. Just looking at them will remind you of Valentine’s Day.  These cookies were stolen from my home by a petty thief.  I made cookies for my partner, I mean my petty thief’s father and my petty thief was stealing cookies for his friends and packing them in his school bag.  I was thinking about my childhood when I saw his work. This is the story of that day, I used to do this with my mother. Do your children follow you!
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19. Love Bug Oreo Cookies

Love Bug Oreo Cookies

These Love Bug Oreo Cookies are made with only 4 ingredients. They are one of the easiest holiday ideas. These are very short cookie ideas. You need micro heart sprinkles, royal icing eyes, chocolate melting wafers (red) and Oreo cookies to make them.  Yes. With these simple ingredients you can celebrate your special day. Express your heart to your partner.

Show how much he means to you. I know there is no special day to love or care. But to celebrate your relationship. Shouldn’t it be the day to do it! Dip chocolate melting red wafers in Oreo cookies and decorate with icing eyes. There are many of you who still have childish likes or behaviors. No matter how old you get, never lose your childishness.  My husband is just like this man, everything is still so childish. Sometimes I feel old to him. Ha ha!

I said this because these cookies are loved by most kids. But you won’t believe that my husband goes crazy for these cookies. He still licks the melted chocolates with his son. I am sure everyone has Oreos at home during this beautiful winter season. So what are you waiting for!
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20. Cherry Pie Cookies

Cherry Pie Cookies

These Cherry Pie Cookies are one of the most amazing and easy Valentines Day cookies out there. These classic cookies are a gem for any party or celebration. To make them, add margarine, butter, confectioners’ sugar, flour and vanilla.  Ingredients are made. Behind a perfect cookie is a perfect dough. The dough should be sticky. Then fill it with cherry pie filling and bake!  Feel its sweet smell while baking. After 12 to 15 minutes of baking, decorate it with white chocolate chips and give it to your partner’s mouth. I am sure your partner will say I love you by biting into it. These are really love filled cookies.
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21. Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies

Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies

These Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies are one of the perfect holiday ideas. These are perfect desserts for all day celebrations. I love it so much. And my partner has made it and fed it many times. My husband kisses me every time after testing it. I think the naming of these cookies is really right.

It is a dream of mine to make a shop of cookies according to the theme of every festival. Even now it is not fulfilled. My husband said I make such delicious and perfect cookies so my dream will come true now . I have opened this online cookie shop in my locality.  Now I have very few customers. Because not many people know. But those who have tested me have praised me.

Let’s talk about the taste of these cookies. It is soft, crumbly and chocolaty in taste. Peanut butter and cocoa powder are added to it. I added cocoa powder to peanut butter because I wanted to make cookies with chocolate with peanut butter. It has the taste and flavor of chocolate with peanuts. The best of these cookies are topped with horse cream and sprinkled with hearts or sprinkles of your choice according to the Valentine’s Day theme. Make these beautiful chocolate cookies and celebrate your love with your partner.
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