Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

21 Delicious Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas To Celebrate!

Valentine’s day is really special to me. I have a long-distance relationship with my partner and because of our busy work schedule, we don’t get to meet and spend a lot of time together. We meet occasionally. So we make sure that we spend Valentine’s day together every year. Every year, I spend the whole day with my partner and we do what we love doing the most. We cook and eat together and watch our favorite movies all day. Even, We don’t give each other pricey gifts. Also, We cherish our moments together. I have some amazing Valentines Day breakfast ideas for you guys.

That’s our love language. I have been working on my holiday recipes for a while now and I think I should incorporate more healthy foods into that list. Obviously, holiday recipes should be fun but I also want to be able to eat them without guilt. So I’m going to add some healthy foods to my list of healthy recipes. You’ll also get some Valentines Day breakfast ideas from blogs. Scroll down and get the recipes.

1. Strawberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries 

Strawberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries 

Who wants these breakfast pastries with strawberry cream cheese for breakfast? I assume that everyone is showing their hands. You should try this recipe because it’s one of my finest holiday recipes. Since Valentine’s Day is only a week away, these are simple to create using puff pastry sheets that are rolled and cut into heart shapes with a cookie cutter. I still can’t believe it is here! Freshly cut strawberries are placed on top of the strawberry cream cheese icing that fills the pastry.

Here, I used pre-made strawberry jam to make the strawberry cream cheese frosting. Alternatively, you may use your own homemade fresh strawberry puree and combine it with some cream cheese and food coloring. It’s not excessively sweet and ideal for breakfast on Valentine’s Day. After applying egg wash, the pastry is baked in the oven to perfection. The imaginations of people will be blown by your strawberrylicious Valentines Day breakfast ideas.
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2. Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast - Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas

Have you considered what you’ll have for breakfast on February 14? Don’t you agree that it ought to be something unique? Since I enjoy making delicious cuisine, I usually make sure that on days like today, there is something special on the menu. Everyone in my family enjoys a nice breakfast of French toast, so having this strawberry-stuffed French toast for breakfast on Valentine’s Day couldn’t be more appropriate!

These strawberry-loaded French toasts have a strawberry cream cheese filling within, making them the perfect breakfast for the morning of Valentine’s Day. Cream cheese, sliced strawberries, and a small amount of honey are used to make the filling. After that, spread the filling between two slices of white bread. The stuffed bread are then dipped in a prepared combination of milk, eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon and cooked on a skillet with butter. Add as much maple syrup as you like, then slice in. Your entire day will be made brighter by the lovely strawberry-stuffed French toast on your breakfast dish, I can guarantee it!
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3. Valentine’s Funfetti Pancakes with Vanilla Greek Yogurt Sauce

Valentine's Funfetti Pancakes with Vanilla Greek Yogurt Sauce

I promised you that I’ll come up with more healthy foods on my blog for Valentines day breakfast ideas so here’s a Valentine day recipe with vanilla Greek yogurt sauce. It’s both healthy and incredibly tasty. Sprinkles added to the batter make for a fun and festive light and fluffy pancakes.

Greek yogurt adds a tonne of filling protein to these funfetti pancakes, which are utilized in both the vanilla sauce and the pancakes. What an enjoyable and delicious breakfast! By creating gluten-free pancakes and substituting yogurt for syrup, I lower the calorie content. The ideal breakfast for your loved ones would therefore be heart-shaped sprinkled pancakes with Greek yogurt sauce in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Additionally, they taste good and are healthy. Wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!
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4. Mini Pancake Stacks with Nutella and Strawberries

Pancakes are both tasty and one of the most healthy foods that you can eat for breakfast. I am presenting another pancake recipe from my Valentines day breakfast ideas that you will truly adore. These adorable mini pancake stacks with Nutella and strawberries will be ready to eat for breakfast in no more than 30 minutes.

We are going to make mini pancakes from scratch for this recipe for which we will need plain flour, an egg, milk, and a pinch of salt. Cook the mini pancakes in batches and let them cool for a while. Then spread the Nutella and stack it with slices of strawberries. Repeat the process with 3-4 mini pancakes and secure the pancakes with a toothpick. Mini pancake stacks with Nutella and strawberries are ready to devour bread for breakfast. Look how simple it is to make these holiday recipes!
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5. Red Velvet Nutella Rolls

Red Velvet Nutella Rolls - Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas

If you are a fan of red velvet cakes then you will surely be drooling over these red velvet Nutella rolls. These Nutella rolls have a classic red velvet flavor paired with Nutella and a cream cheese frosting. Also if you’re looking for Valentines day breakfast ideas, let me give you the recipe quickly because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, these red velvet Nutella rolls will set your mood for Valentine’s day.

The dough is a little difficult to make but I will tell you step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect dough and you will get it right. After baking the dough, you get the red velvet rolls and now you just spread the cream cheese frosting over them and drizzle generously with melted Nutella and that’s about it. You have a beautiful and gorgeous and delicious red velvet Nutella roll for breakfast. Honestly, your Valentines day breakfast couldn’t get any better than this.
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6. Chocolate Chip Heart Pancakes 

Chocolate Chip Heart Pancakes 

My whole family loves chocolate chip pancakes and I think it will be an awesome idea to make chocolate chip heart pancakes for Valentines day breakfasts. They look pretty as well as taste amazing. The pancake batter is made using all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, eggs, butter, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. After making the chocolate chip pancake batter I cooked pancakes and by using a heart-shaped cookie cutter I cut the pancakes into heart shapes.

Put cubes of butter over the pancakes and drizzle them generously with maple syrup. You will be mesmerized by every bite that you take. These chocolate pancakes are my sister’s favorite and so I try to make them whenever she comes to visit me for breakfast. She told me that she wants her fiance to eat these chocolate chip pancake cookies made by me for Valentine’s day breakfasts. She thinks that nobody makes these chocolate chip pancakes better than me.
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7. Healthy Strawberry Milkshakes

Healthy Strawberry Milkshakes

My daughter loves healthy milkshakes. Although chocolate milkshakes are her all-time favorite, she has recently grown a fondness for the healthy strawberry milkshakes that I have been making with the fresh produce of strawberries in our garden this winter. So I decided to make her a healthy strawberry milkshake for breakfast on Valentine’s Day. She is a fitness freak and likes to eat healthy foods to stay healthy. If you too are like her, then this healthy Strawberry milkshake recipe has to be on your list of holiday recipes.

The recipe is incredibly simple. All you need to do is put all the ingredients into a blender jar and simply blitz up. You will need only five ingredients to make this healthy and creamy Strawberry milkshake and they are fresh or frozen strawberries, unsalted cashews, dates, vanilla, and your favorite milk or milk alternative. Serve this milkshake with slices of fresh strawberry on top and enjoy a healthy and delicious milkshake on the morning of Valentine’s day with your family.
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8. French Toast Churro Bites

French Toast Churro Bites

These French toast churro bites are perfect for your Valentines day breakfast ideas. These are made in the same way that you would make French toast, only the bread slices are cut into tiny heart shapes using cookie cutters. Then these pieces of heart-shaped bread are dipped in a mixture of egg, milk, vanilla, and salt and fried in a pan with butter.

These heart-shaped French toasts are then rolled over a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon. I love to serve these French toast churro bites with Nutella but you can serve them with melted chocolate or maple syrup as well. I can’t wait to dig into these! These are irresistibly tempting and I can’t stop eating them! My kids just LOVE them and whenever I make them I have to pack them for lunch for my kids.
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9. Red Velvet Crepes with Chocolate Whipped Cream

Red Velvet Crepes with Chocolate Whipped Cream - Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas

These Red Velvet Crepes loaded with Chocolate Whipped Cream and fresh strawberries are the ideal breakfast to serve on Valentine’s Day! Starting the day with a delectable breakfast like cinnamon rolls, pancakes, crepes, etc. is a tradition I have every Valentine’s Day. If you’re unsure of what to cook for Valentine’s Day this year, I have the ideal dish for you.

Your day will undoubtedly start off right with these red velvet crepes packed with strawberries, chocolate whipped cream and other delicious ingredients. Red velvet, after all, is the color that best symbolizes love. These red velvet crepes are stuffed with chocolate whipped cream and slices of strawberries to make the perfect holiday recipes for Valentine’s Day.
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10. Dark Chocolate Strawberry Scones with Strawberry Drizzle

Dark Chocolate Strawberry Scones with Strawberry Drizzle

My valentines day breakfast recipes are here to save you if you’ve lost all hope and are about to give up on your weight loss regimen. Who says nutritious cuisine can’t be delicious? Your perspective will be completely altered by my healthy foods. They satisfy the soul and the stomach because they are both hearty and healthy.

The inside of these dark chocolate strawberry scones has melty dark chocolate and diced strawberry filling and a crispy, golden-brown exterior. Wait, there’s more. These scones are drizzled with a strawberry drizzle that takes these scones to a notch higher. Your children will adore these much more. You’ll sink your teeth into gooey melted dark chocolate and diced strawberries inside of these scones when you bite into the crusty shell.
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11. Blueberry Chia Pudding

Blueberry Chia Pudding

Give your Valentine’s Day morning a healthy start with this Blueberry Chia pudding for breakfast. Remember, I promised to add more healthy foods to my list of holiday recipes? Breakfast couldn’t get any healthier than this nourishing blueberry chia pudding. The fruity aromas in this blueberry chia pudding are strong. Sweet, creamy, and bursting with superfoods.

It is produced with basic pantry staples, is healthy, and excludes refined sugars. Both delicious and nutritious. Fantastic breakfast! You just need a few pantry staples to prepare this blueberry chia pudding: chia seeds, non-dairy milk, pure maple syrup or other preferred sweetener, blueberries, hemp seeds, cinnamon, and a dash of vanilla essence. A bowl of this nourishing breakfast will provide you with energy for the whole day long.
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12. Valentines Donuts

Valentines Donuts

I’m starting a bake sale for Valentine’s Day. I started making a list of what ought to be on the menu. I’m going to publish the recipe for these heart-shaped Valentine’s Day donuts on my blog today because they are one of the coolest treats on the menu. These deep-fried donuts are covered in granulated sugar, filled with Nutella or chocolate icing, and deep-fried. These doughnuts will transport you to a chocolatey paradise with every bite! They make fantastic Valentine’s Day treat suggestions.

These were quickly sold out when I manufactured a batch of them and put them on display, and now I have so many requests that I’m worried I won’t be able to fulfill them all. In order for you to prepare delicious donuts for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day and make them feel special, I’m offering the recipe as one of my holiday recipes. Once they take a mouthful of one of these donuts, I can tell you that they will cling to you closely.
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13. Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls 

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls - Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas

If red velvet cakes are your thing, then you’ll swoon over these red velvet cinnamon buns. The traditional red velvet flavor of these cinnamon buns is combined with Nutella and a cream cheese frosting. The recipe for these red velvet cinnamon rolls will help you get in the mood for Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for Valentines Day breakfast ideas. As you probably already know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The dough is a little challenging to create, but I’ll show you how to do it by giving you step-by-step directions, so you’ll do it properly. The red velvet cinnamon rolls are created after baking the dough; all that is left to do is top them with cream cheese icing and large amounts of melted Nutella. You enjoy a stunning, wonderful, and absolutely gorgeous red velvet cinnamon bun at breakfast. You just couldn’t have a nicer Valentine’s Day breakfast than this.
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14. Strawberry Cream Cheese Heart Danishes

Strawberry Cream Cheese Heart Danishes

These strawberry cream cheese heart danishes are perfect for breakfast, but who wants them? Everyone is presumably raising their hands at this point. One of my best Holiday recipes, you should give this one a try. These are easy to make using puff pastry sheets that are rolled and cut into heart shapes with a cookie cutter, and Valentine’s Day is only a week away. Still unable to believe it has arrived! The strawberry cream cheese frosting is topped with freshly cut strawberries.

Here, I made the strawberry cream cheese frosting using strawberry jam that was already made. In place of using store-bought puree, you might make your own by combining fresh strawberry puree with cream cheese and food coloring. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast food because it isn’t too sickly sweet. The dough is baked to perfection in the oven after being egg washed. You’ll blow people’s minds with your strawberrylicious danishes for a delicious Valentine’s Day brunch.
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15. Egg-in-a-hole with Bacon and Avocado

Egg-in-a-hole with Bacon and Avocado

We’ve had enough of sweet dishes on our list of holiday recipes for valentines day breakfast ideas. Now it’s time to get into some savory recipes for breakfast. This egg-in-a-hole with bacon and avocado is one of my favorite healthy foods for breakfast and I’m pretty sure it’ll be a hit for Valentine’s day brunch.

This dish is overloaded with protein and so is the best breakfast option for any day. The mashed avocado with lime juice, chopped coriander, black pepper and salt adds a beautiful kick to this dish. Put the bacon on the buttered toast after the eggs have finished cooking, then sandwich the two pieces of toast together. With your favorite sauce drizzled over the toasted hearts and a dab of mashed avocado on the side, serve the sandwiches.
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16. Blackberry French Toast Recipe

Blackberry French Toast Recipe

And no matter what, the Valentine’s Day breakfast is meant to be lavish. And you can make a lavish breakfast for yourself and your loved one easily in the comfort of your home with my Valentine’s day breakfast ideas. My holiday recipes have never ever disappointed you and I promise you neither will this one do. This Blackberry french toast recipe is the ultimate Valentine’s day breakfast that you can make for your family on the morning of Valentine’s Day.

There are many wonderful, sweet ingredients in this french toast dish. However, you may always add some extra sweetness with whipped cream or maple syrup. This simple recipe for French toast is actually a fantastic, well-balanced breakfast, unlike some other heavy and extravagant versions. Topped with blackberries, chopped pecan nuts, and a drizzle of maple syrup, these blackberry french toasts will transport you to a world of dreams with every bite that you take.
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17. Strawberry Ricotta Pancakes

 Strawberry Ricotta Pancakes - Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas

Wondering how to make an interesting breakfast for Valentine’s day? Here, I have a gem for you from my holiday recipes. How about soft, airy pancakes for breakfast? Always YES, I say! Pancakes are the perfect breakfast food for any day, especially when drizzled with maple syrup and topped with a butter cube. In order to enhance your breakfast game, I’ll be sharing some of my Valentines Day breakfast ideas with you.

Make these pancakes with strawberry ricotta. You can make these pancakes even if you’re in a rush because they only take 20 minutes to prepare. Your filling, nutritious, and delectable breakfast is ready to provide you with the energy you need for the rest of the day with just a few quick steps. I’ve never tasted a fluffier, more perfect pancake! These homemade strawberry ricotta pancakes are a treat because they are tasty and simple to make.
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18. 3-Ingredient Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

3-Ingredient Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

These 3-ingredient strawberry cake mix cookies are a perfect gifting idea for Valentine’s Day. Yes, you’ll need only three ingredients because these cookies are made using a box of strawberry cake mix, oil, and eggs. That’s it! You must attempt to make cake mix cookies if you haven’t already! They are quite delectable and ideal for when you need to cook something quickly and easily.

This is a cute variant that is ideal for Valentine’s Day celebrations! Making these strawberry cookies is quite simple. Cake mix is the basis for them, and a white chocolate dip is the final touch. They have a great strawberry flavor, are incredibly soft, and are best of all, covered in chocolate! To make them look all the more festive for Valentine’s day, you can also sprinkle some heart sprinkles over them and see how pretty and adorable they look!
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Easy Valentines Cookie Cups

If you want to make some adorable cookies for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, then these easy valentines cookie cups are the thing for you. Your mind will be blown away by how unbelievably easy these cute cookie cups are to make. These quick and simple Mini Valentine’s Cookie Cups don’t require any complicated or messy cookie decorating! These cookies are ideal for Valentine’s Day snacks, school celebrations, or just as a fun baking exercise to do with the kids because they use mini Reese’s peanut butter cups and gorgeous heart sprinkles. 

Just prepare the cookie dough and bake the dough balls in muffin tins in the oven. When there are baked, slowly press the mini peanut butter cups into the cookies and decorate them with heart sprinkles on top. Your valentine’s day treat is ready to be packed and gifted to your sweetheart.
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20. Frozen Valentine’s Banana Pops

Frozen Valentine's Banana Pops

Have you ever had these frozen banana pops? They’re covered in dark chocolate. As I had a lot of work pressure before Valentine’s Day this year, I could make time for baking delicious desserts like I do every year for Valentine’s Day. My partner relishes those desserts with great enthusiasm every year. So when he found out that I’m not going to bake anything for Valentine’s Day this year, he was kinda sad.

After a little brainstorming, I discovered these frozen banana pops that are incredibly easy to make and will also make a scrumptious dessert for Valentine’s Day. Bananas, lollipop sticks, dark chocolate chips, and sprinkles in Valentine’s Day colors are the only ingredients required to make this awesome dessert. Cut the bananas into half and place a lollipop stick into each halved banana. Freeze for six hours and then dip in melted dark chocolate and cover in Valentine’s sprinkles. Your frozen Valentine’s banana pops are ready! My partner was so happy to receive these as Valentine’s day gifts from me.
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza Recipe 

Have you ever had a cookie before? It’s both a pizza and a cookie but neither a pizza nor a cookie. As awkward as it may sound, pizookie is basically a pizza that is made with cookie dough. Let’s make a chocolate chip cookie pizza for Valentine’s Day. Homemade chocolate chip cookies, ideal for sharing. The best food to gratify a gathering is pizza, which is easy to make, and loaded with chocolate chips.

It is both a cookie and a pizza, and both are fantastic! When we removed it from the oven, we topped it with rounds of raspberry fruit leather “pepperoni,” melted white chocolate “mozzarella,” and cherry jam “pizza sauce.” Leave out the toppings and serve ample wedges with scoops of vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce for a more elegant alternative that would be appropriate for Valentine’s day dinner party.
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Easiest Belgian Waffle Recipe

Easiest Belgian Waffle Recipe - Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas

There’s a place named ‘The Belgian Waffle Co.’ that serves outstanding Belgian waffles in our city. I am a huge fan of waffles and I used to visit The Belgian Waffle Co. quite frequently to fulfill my waffle cravings. It was so until I discovered how to make waffles myself and now I make waffles for myself and my whole family and friends.

I have by now, mastered the art of making Belgian waffles and I can bet that my waffles are as good as those served at The Belgian Waffle Co. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself. And I know the easiest recipe for making waffles. And the good news is that I’m going to share the recipe here with you, today. On the weekends, is there anything better than a warm, handmade Belgian waffle? I contend that there isn’t.

The ingredients for this straightforward waffle recipe are combined in a bowl, fried in a hot, buttered Belgian waffle machine, and then topped with berries, additional butter, and maple syrup. True paradise! The Belgian waffles made with this specific recipe are rich, buttery, wonderful, and just a little bit sweet is perfect for a Valentine’s Day brunch.
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Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Chocolate Chip Biscuits

I’m calling out to all my chocolate-lover fellows because I’m here to share the recipe for the ultimate chocolate chip biscuits for this Valentine’s Day. If you’re a chocolate addict or know someone who’s a chocolate addict, you should bake these biscuits. These biscuits are overloaded with cocoa powder and chocolate chips to intensify the chocolate flavor in these biscuits making these the ideal chocolate chip biscuits you’ll ever have. Bake these Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas for your partner if he/she is obsessed with chocolate and give them the treat of their dreams.
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Roasted Heart Potatoes

Roasted Heart Potatoes

Are you looking for party appetizers for your Valentine’s Day party? I have shared numerous dessert and breakfast recipes on the blog. Now it’s time for some savory party snacks to vamp up your valentine’s day party. I’m going to reveal to you today how to make the crispiest roasted potatoes. Additionally, the fact that they are heart-shaped help.

The adorable Roasted Heart Potatoes are ideal for Valentine’s Day. My husband and the little one love these crispy roasted potatoes so I thought of making them as a snack for Valentine’s day party only in heart shapes. The potatoes are marinated with just four simple ingredients – oil, salt, black pepper, and caraway seeds and then roasted to crispy perfection!
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Valentine’s Day Mini Apple Pie 

Valentine's Day Mini Apple Pie 

The ideal treat to enjoy with a special someone is Valentine’s Day tiny apple pies. These are apple pies with all the deliciousness but in a sweetheart form. This mini apple pie recipe is fantastic! They’d be ideal for Valentine’s Day and are easily adaptable to other celebrations or special events.

A flaky pie in the shape of a heart is filled with apples that have been covered in butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. I cut out the heart using these cookie cutters. These delicious mini apple pies are just what you need to get your valentine’s day started. I made these for my fiancé and he absolutely loved them. Apple pies are my favorite desserts because anything that contains cinnamon in it is my favorite.
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Triple Berry French Toast Casserole

Triple Berry French Toast Casserole - Valentines Day Breakfast Ideas

This Triple Berry French Toast Casserole recipe is a huge hit for anything be it Valentine’s or any other celebration.  I think there is no one in the world who would not like this recipe.  And if there is someone like that, I’m sure once he makes it and eats it, he’ll become a fan of it too.

This delicious dark red juicy french toast recipe adds French bread, almond milk, frozen berries, etc. It takes only 40 minutes to make. Believe me, I am always tempted by this plate.  There is no such delicious French toast recipe.  A bite into this juicy fruit toast will make you want to say phew. This is one of my best valentines day breakfast ideas ever.
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