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21 Amazing Trifle Recipes For Celebrate Christmas & Thanksgiving

With the fall season over, we are right on the cusp of winter.  We have a big winter festival ahead of us.  The festival of this big day keeps our minds good.  The surrounding light shines.  Everyone returns to their home and loved ones.  Everyone spends time together.  Different relationships are created with friends and neighbors. Everyone looks for opportunities to get together.  And never make a new recipe at a get-together or Christmas party! I have brought many recipes to you today. All selected best recipes. Today I am here to talk about trifle recipes.

The best trifle recipes are going to be made in your own kitchen very soon.  And is going to be appreciated. I believe you will find the best Thanksgiving party recipes right now. Here you will find beautiful recipes like Easy Black Forest Trifle and Easy Chocolate Cake Roll Trifle with Berries. There are recipes with wonderful names and flavors like Traditional English Trifles. Easy Strawberry Trifle with Pound Cake Apart from great-tasting cake, many best recipes are just for you.  Make these holiday recipes yourself, eat yourself and feed everyone.

1. Easy Black Forest Trifle

 Easy black forest trifle

What are your plans for this year’s Christmas party? I have decided that I will spend my Christmas holidays cooking new dishes, feeding everyone and testing myself. Actually I like to cook, in my opinion those who like to cook, will they also spend Christmas like me? Have you decided to try something new at your Christmas party this year?

Then today’s beautiful Easy black forest trifle large bowl recipe is just for you. You can recognize each trifle recipe, because these dishes all look different. A recipe full of cherries, krisch. Creme fraiche is served in between. Chocolates are mailed and arranged in different layers. Each level has a separate component test. This recipe will take you to the world of cream. Each layer combines chocolate and cherries with double cream. It is topped with fresh cherries. These Thanksgiving recipes are easy to make. This recipe is ready in 30 minutes. It is included in the list of holiday recipes because of its wonderful taste.
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2. Gingerbread Trifle

 Gingerbread Trifle

This Gingerbread Trifle recipe is served as a dessert recipe.  After finishing the main course, everyone wants to have dessert.  Treat everyone to this delicious Gingerbread Trifle this Christmas. Thanksgiving recipes are just as delicious. This recipe looks so good that everyone will be raving about your gingerbread trifle at this year’s Christmas party.

Thick cream, dulce de leche and this delicious recipe is made by combining sour cream. It is rich in gingernut and marsala.  Caramel sauce and brandy are their alternative ingredients.  These trifle recipes are perfect party food.  These holiday recipes are one of the best trifle recipes ever. Each of these recipes is easy and takes about 35 minutes to make.
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3. White Chocolate Raspberry Trifle

White Chocolate Raspberry Trifle

This White Chocolate Raspberry Trifle recipe is a Christmas recipe. White chocolate mousse and whipped cream are added to each layer. This is an easy and delicious sweet recipe. I love this dessert after a heavy meal.  This dessert is very favorite of everyone in my house. It is really a beautiful dish.  Fresh raspberry and raspberry gel have been combined.  These 21 recipes are perfect as Thanksgiving dessert recipes. These holiday recipes are outstanding trifle dishes. Trifle recipes are very easy food for busy holiday nights.
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4. Candy Cane Brownie Trifle Recipe

Candy Cane Brownie Trifle Recipe

I have eaten this dish many times in the restaurant, it is really delicious.  Its cream and chocolate go all round when you put it in your mouth. The whipped cream and chocolate peppermint sauce in it is spread in the whole recipe. I have been talking about the taste of your recipe for so long, I forgot to mention its name. 

Candy Cane Brownie Trifle Recipe is so delicious to eat that you can forget about everything else, even its name.  I am sure this dish will be a Christmas hit for you. I believe trifle recipes will impress all of you. These Thanksgiving recipes are really perfect for Christmas or any other party.  I cook these brownies topped with chocolate recipes during my holidays.  Even, I enjoy making these when my tired days end on Saturdays.  Also, I make sure to list these delicious 25-minute recipes on my list of holiday recipes.  And you?
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5. Tiramisu Trifle

 Tiramisu Trifle

This Tiramisu Trifle is an Italian dessert. It will brighten up your Christmas. When I first made this tiramisu, I thought I would fail. But it wasn’t true.  I was successful as a restaurateur.  Everyone in my house calls me the tiramisu cook. Homemade tiramisu is so deliciously prepared that you won’t have to wait long to make it. These Thanksgiving recipes are simple and delicious.  I wanted to make a recipe for my Thanksgiving that I could use mascarpone, heavy cream and dark rum.  I got that. 

These trifle recipes are really fancy. I try to make my Saturday holiday recipes perfect. I won’t say I succeed every time but I will say I succeed most of the time.  This beautiful recipe takes 25 minutes to prepare and refrigerate for up to 4 hours.  Then everyone tastes the tiramisu on the plate and tells us how it tastes!
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6. Salted Caramel & Chocolate Brownie Trifle Recipe 

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Brownie Trifle Recipe 

Are you looking for a vegetarian trifle recipe? Then Salted Caramel & Chocolate Brownie Trifle Recipe is for you.  There are many other vegetarian trifle recipes but this one is my favorite. Brownies with caramel sauce are so delicious, only those who have eaten them know it.  Cream cheese, heavy cream and butter combine to top this recipe. It is very easy to make. 

These are layered dessert recipes.  This recipe is ready in 1 hour. Keep scrolling to make chocolatey, creamy, fluffy Thanksgiving recipes.  I spend my Saturday with these ooey-gooey holiday recipes. This Christmas you will definitely be making these wonderful chocolate filled recipes.  I’m sure you will.
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7. No Bake Berry Trifle

 No Bake Berry Trifle

I’ve had this berry trifle recipe before, but not at home or at a restaurant.  My husband took me for a long drive one evening, that’s when I tested this recipe for the first time. Honestly, I was surprised by its beauty that day.  How can any dessert be so beautiful?  And I respected the idea of ​​making it.  One can only imagine how skilled the cook is.

I am very happy that I have succeeded in making this classic recipe at home.  Not only did it succeed, but it turned out delicious as a retro recipe. This recipe is your best version for Christmas. It has its own place among Thanksgiving recipes, and that’s because of its taste and appearance.  This recipe takes about 2 hours, but if you want to eat this delicious food, you have to spend a little effort and time. Every trifle recipe is so delicious.  
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8. No Bake Eggnog Cheesecake Trifle

 No Bake Eggnog Cheesecake Trifle

Are you looking for a no -bake trifle dessert recipe? Then it is right in front of your eyes.No Bake Eggnog Cheesecake Trifle I am talking about this recipe.  Tried to keep all the Thanksgiving recipes so unique.  So that your Christmas will be different from all others.It contains layers of cream and raspberries, which makes this dessert even more attractive. This recipe is filled with cheese and looks as impressive as it tastes.

These trifle recipes are really fancy.  Your Christmas is just around the corner.  So try out the recipes, and choose which ones will brighten up your Christmas party.  I have tested this recipe and included it in Holiday Recipes. This recipe does not need to be baked and in the meantime, garnish it with some cute shaped crunchie cookies and raspberries.  You can also make some optional garnishes of your choice.
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9. Mixed Berry Trifle with Raspberry Jelly

 Mixed berry trifle with raspberry jelly

As the fall season passes we are gifted with winter weather.  Winter means Christmas, Christmas, and our favorite Santa.  What can you do without cooking something new at such a beautiful time?  I’m sure never.  Like me, you already have a long list of what new dishes to make at Christmas.

I have brought new desserts for you this time. Hope you will like these trifle recipes.  Imagine making a recipe this Christmas that showcases the colors red and white.  This Mixed berry trifle with raspberry jelly is full of frozen or fresh strawberries and raspberries and blackberries.  Whipping cream adds a different level of flavor to this. Red wine tops it off.  It is prepared after cooking it for 3 hours. The combination of red strawberries and blackberries and red wine give it a classic look.  This is a juicy recipe filled with cream. These Christmas party or Thanksgiving recipes are all classics. I have selected recipes to make all my holiday recipes as impressive as possible.
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10. Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Trifle

 Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Trifle

I always like to cook, you can even say that I like cooking and it is my habit. When I get time from work, I spend more of my free time cooking.  And I love making new recipes and treating everyone in the house.  This Christmas I have selected many new trifle recipes to make at my party. This Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Trifle recipe is one of them.  A very delicious dish.  Brownies with Oreos are really full of flavor. Chocolate sauce, cream cheese and double cream combine to create magic in the recipe. 

I will never forget this taste.  The mouth is watering just to think of it. Oreo crumbs are mixed in and the top is garnished with Oreo. And vanilla adds a distinct flavor to it.  The creamy texture of these Thanksgiving recipes is my favorite.  We are cream insects, what do you say!  We jump at the sight of any cream dish. These holiday recipes are a bag of cream.
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11. Cranberry Eggnog Trifle

Cranberry Eggnog Trifle

Are you looking for a diss to impress this Christmas?  Then there is no better dessert than this delicious Cranberry Eggnog Trifle dessert recipe. It is truly delicious.  Fresh or frozen cranberries, heavy cream and nutmeg come together in this deliciously flavor-packed recipe. This one-hour recipe is a must-make to wow your party guests, I’m sure you will. Trifle Recipes Make this Bar Christmas  Eat yourself and treat everyone like me.  I was a huge hit with everyone for my Thanksgiving recipes.  During my holidays I try out my holiday recipes and test their perfect taste.  And they passed all the tests.
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12. Terry’s Chocolate Orange Trifle

 Terry's Chocolate Orange Trifle

The reason we like this recipe so much is the presence of chocolate and orange in it.  Terry’s Chocolate Orange Trifle recipe is really delicious.  It has such a different flavor that sets it apart from other trifle recipes. It is an hour and a half recipe but a very easy recipe.  When orange zest, double cream and chocolate swiss rolls combine in your dessert bowl, it makes the best dessert of all time.  My Thanksgiving recipes were less than impressive.  Make these impressive, delicious and enticing desserts this Christmas. When chocolate and orange come together on my face, oh my god!  It’s delicious.
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13. Vanilla Trifle

 Vanilla Trifle

Everyone dreads this Vanilla Trifle recipe, finding it difficult to make.  But it is not true for me.  All our jobs have some difficult and simple tasks, but one thing you will notice is that the feeling of success in difficult tasks is better than success in simple tasks. Similarly, we can make simple recipes but making difficult recipes is again successful in it.  There is nothing like fascination.  If you already think that any recipe is difficult then you will never succeed. 

And I can proudly say that I am not afraid of making any recipe. And if it is this delicious then there is no need to be afraid.  This delicious Vanilla Trifle recipe combines angel food cake and fresh berries.  It is very soft with the cream in it.  I will definitely be making this Christmas recipe at this year’s party.  And I am sure you will make this great recipe too.  French Vanilla Pudding Mix makes this soft vanilla recipe even more delicious.  Just let it sit for an hour.  Keep in mind that if this dessert is allowed to freeze too much, the cream will harden.
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14. Red Velvet Cheesecake Kisses Trifle

Red Velvet Cheesecake Kisses Trifle

This recipe looks amazing. You will feel like a professional chef after making it.  Why are you thinking about this? Hey, when the dessert is Red Velvet Cheesecake Kisses Trifle, then you have to say this.  It’s really unbelievable that I made Red Velvet Cheesecake Kisses Trifle in my own kitchen.  Trifle recipes are the best of all and this one is different.  We are still thinking about the joys of the autumn festival.  Just imagine that our Christmas is just a few days away for us. 

This Christmas party Red Velvet Cheesecake Kisses Trifle dessert recipe will be the star of your party and everyone will be raving about it.  This delicious recipe combines Hershey’s cocoa powder, Hershey’s kisses milk chocolate, velvet cake mix.  Among these, Cheese Cake Pudding and Horses Kisses Candy Cane Mint add a different flavor.  This recipe takes 1 hour to make so delicious I don’t know if you will have it in your Christmas party but trust me I won’t make it without hands at all.
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15. Traditional English Trifle

 Traditional English Trifle

Just hearing the name of Traditional English Trifle makes me want to make this recipe again and again.  Trust me it is as delicious as the name suggests.  This classic flavor recipe combines raspberries, vanilla, heavy cream and grand marnier.  I had this recipe for the first time at my friend’s birthday party, I saw it for the first time that day.  Even, I could never forget this taste.  Also, I could not forget so much that since then I have made this one and a half hour recipe again and again at my home and enjoyed its taste and have been feeding it to everyone in my house.  Raspberry jam adds flavor to it.  This recipe will shine on my serving table at this Christmas party.  And you?
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16. Easy Strawberry Trifle with Pound Cake

 Easy Strawberry Trifle with Pound Cake

This Easy Strawberry Trifle with Pound Cake dessert recipe is a really easy recipe.  Made with strawberries, whipped cream cheese and pound cake mix.  It is ready in 1 hour and 15 minutes.  There are two easy ways to shoot and make its ingredients.  I made this delicious recipe for my Thanksgiving party.  I was praised by the neighbors for this.  It is very important to me.  In fact, I’m happier when someone compliments me on my cooking than I am when I’m complimented on my work at the office. This recipe is creamy, fluffy and soft, tempered by fruit. You can also try these delicious strawberry desserts for any occasion.
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17. Super Easy Australian Trifle with Custard

 Super Easy Australian Trifle with Custard

Layered desserts are the best kind of desserts according to me. That’s why tiramisu is my favorite dessert. It amazes me how impeccable layered desserts turn out when you mix and match the flavors that go into the layers. My party ideas are full of such layered dessert holiday recipes. As Christmas is just around the corner, I made this super easy Australian trifle with custard.

Layered with a jelly with canned fruit and cake layer base, a creamy custard layer over that and finally a layer of whipped cream on top. You don’t know how epic this dessert turns out to be! Chill it in the refrigerator and decorate with strawberries and blueberries and gently dust some icing sugar on top before serving. These simple decorations make your trifle look amazingly pretty!
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18. Chocolate Fudge Grasshopper Trifle

 Chocolate Fudge Grasshopper Trifle

My father is a hardcore dessert lover. Though he is an officer, he loves to make desserts in his free time. I drew my inspiration from him. He always says that the joy and pleasure that comes from cooking good food and feeding people, especially when it’s something sweet, is unfathomable. He taught me to make most of the desserts that I have learned to make till now. And whenever I make desserts and offer him the first slice, he gives me a cute smile and embraces me affectionately.

So I frequently make desserts for him as a token of love. This Christmas, I made a trifle for him. This chocolate fudge grasshopper trifle looks marvelous and tastes equally exquisite. It has layers of cubed chocolate fudge cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate bits and peppermint cheesecake pudding filling. Garnish it with whipped cream on top and decorate with mint flavored oreo cookies.
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19. Creamy Dreamy Banana Split Trifle

 Creamy Dreamy Banana Split Trifle

This Creamy Dreamy Banana Split Trifle bowl is a 5 layer dessert recipe and one of my best ever holiday recipes too. You can definitely modify it in whatever you like.  You can increase the level but reducing the level will reduce the taste.  I’m sure you’ve never made this banana trifle before.  After this autumn season is over, our big festival is about to come.  This Christmas season we don’t want the party phase to end. And this time we have trouble choosing the recipes to cook. 

That’s why I have brought you the best trifle recipes selected for you.  I made this recipe at my Thanksgiving party and the guests were asking me for more of it.  Then you understand how delicious it is.  Bananas, pineapple, and banana cream pudding combine to increase the flavor level.  Maraschino Cherries and Strawberries bring it to the peak of taste. Arrange it in divided layers and after baking leave it to cool for 1 hour before serving.
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20. Easy Blueberry Cheesecake Trifle

 Easy Blueberry Cheesecake Trifle

New York style classic cheesecake has set the benchmark for American desserts. Now-a-days, people are making so many flavored cheesecakes and each of them are distinct and flavourful. Blueberry cheesecake is one of the most tried cheesecake flavors around the Internet. So I tried and made an easy blueberry cheesecake trifle. The layers of angel food cake, cheesecake and blueberry pie makes this dessert a mouthwatering dreamy fantasy! It’s certainly a dessert lover’s paradise.

As you scoop into this easy-peasy-cheesy dessert and put it inside your mouth, it melts like butter! The cheesecake layer gives this dessert an ultra creamy texture and the crumbly angel’s food cake and tangy and sweet blueberry pie filling just makes this dessert heavenly!  I swear, you’ll not be able to resist this rich, creamy, dreamy dessert. Once you eat a spoonful of this divine dessert, you’ll get lost in a maze of creaminess!
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21. Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifle

 Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifle

Have you ever thought of making pumpkin trifles? Make it a reality and enjoy the taste of this Cheesecake Trifle.  The taste of pumpkin combined with the unique taste of cheesecake and whipped cream fascinates me.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Add pumpkin pie spice to it to add a different level of flavor.  And enjoy its use.  This recipe takes 45 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook.  This simple and quick trifle is going to be the best recipe for your Christmas party.  It disappeared within a minute at my Halloween party. So-and-so is going to happen at your Christmas party.
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Berry Trifle Recipe

Berry Trifle Recipe

This Berry Trifle Recipe is a 6 layer recipe. I also made it in 7 layers.  It is very simple and nice, but if you reduce its level, its test will also decrease.  Then don’t be angry with me.

This recipe is perfect for a Christmas party.  With Christmas just around the corner, give this dessert recipe a try at home to check how perfect it is for your Christmas party. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Vanilla pudding, whole milk and heavy cream combine to create magic in this recipe.  I will definitely be making this magical flavored recipe this Christmas.  And I’m sure you will too with me.
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Brownie Strawberry Trifle

Brownie Strawberry Trifle

These Brownie Strawberry Trifles are a trifle recipe packed with flavor. It takes 1 hour to make.  Heavy cream, cream cheese and strawberries combine to make this delicious recipe.  I tried this recipe once at a restaurant but I liked the homemade Brownie Strawberry Trifle better than the restaurant one, if that’s just my personal opinion.

Treat your loved ones this winter afternoon by making this dessert recipe.  And take the praise. I know you will be praised.  The funny thing about my days off is that I whip up these insanely delicious recipes myself in no time.  Do you find your favorite desserts quickly disappearing like me?
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This PEACH TRIFLE recipe is a no-bake recipe.  It saves you a lot of time. Make this recipe on your busy days but not store bought.  You remember our Christmas party is waiting very far ahead!  Are you ready? I’m ready for you.  If you still haven’t figured out what recipe to make for this Christmas party, I can help you out. 

This no-bake peach trifle recipe combines pudding, peach mixture, and pecans to make this dessert recipe even more delicious.  It is very creamy, like a soft fluffy pillow.  And look very beautiful.  Let it freeze for 1 hour then jump on it.
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Pecan Praline Caramel Trifle

Pecan Praline Caramel Trifle

Here’s good news for my caramel lover fam out there! Caramel honestly tastes even better when paired with roasted nut praline. It’s a match made in heaven! You guys will absolutely fall for this Pecan Praline Caramel Trifle recipe that I made for my Christmas party guests. It’s made with layers of pecan praline buttermilk pound cake cubes and cream cheese caramel pudding drizzled with homemade caramel and pecan praline.

Finally garnish it with more whipped cream and drizzle a generous amount of homemade caramel and pecan praline on top. This 6-layered pecan caramel trifle is an absolute favorite with caramel lovers. I made it especially for my friend Sarah who is a crazy caramel lover.
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Tropical fruit trifles

Tropical fruit trifles

Are you looking for a vegetarian trifle dessert that is ideal for your Christmas party?  So don’t look anywhere else and check out the Tropical fruit trifles recipe as a surprise gift from me to you.  Let me know how you like or love these trifle recipes or holiday recipes.  It can be called a fruit trifle dessert.  Pineapple, ginger wine, Jamaican ginger cake – the combination of mango makes it much more delicious.  This recipe will reach you within 1 hour, and you can enjoy it very easily.  So why the delay?  Make this great recipe quickly.
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