Vegan Grilling Recipes

21 Delicious Vegan Grilling Recipes That You’ll Love!

Many people tell me that vegan recipes don’t have to be delicious. I have come up with these 21 vegan grilling recipes to dispel this very misconception. They taste amazing and look beautiful. If you look for opportunities to eat a variety of vegetables! Then these side dishes are great for you. Start going vegan as soon as summer arrives. These summer ideas will keep your body very fresh and energetic. 

They are gluten free and especially helpful in weight loss. These foods rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidant etc. will give peace to both our body and soul. These recipes are so delicious and beautiful that they will prove to be the best at any party. This time, vegan guests at your house party will be very pleased, there will be a variety of recipes prepared for them too.  These party foods will win everyone over, that’s my guarantee.

The equipment required to prepare these vegan grilling recipes is discussed –

  • To make vegan grilling recipes we need the right vegan ingredients.  Be aware that all ingredients starting from butter are plant based.
  • We will need some grilled steaks.
  • The perfect grilling sheet will be required to prepare the recipes.
  • Phrase elements must be selected.
  • These vegan grilling recipes require you to stock up on a few extra ingredients for garnish and choose your own.
  • Beautiful utensils will be required to decorate these side dishes beautifully.

1. Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steaks

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steaks

Many people think that vegan recipes taste very boring. Many of their big misconceptions are going to be removed today. Make these Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steaks and you’ll realize just how delicious vegan recipes are. It is very easy to make. Restaurant-like grilled recipes can be prepared at home in just 30 minutes. This recipe is one of the best vegan grilling recipes.

Big size mushrooms are used to make this delicious recipe. Garlic clove, onion, gluten free tamari, vegan worcestershire sauce etc are used in this recipe. It will make you taste like heaven. You won’t miss the meat once you try this recipe. Add this recipe to vegan side dishes.
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2. Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Vinaigrette

Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Vinaigrette

Many people do not like to eat sweet potatoes.  But this time sweet potato is going to be very favorite with all of you.  Because you are about to make Grilled Sweet Potatoes with a Cilantro Vinaigrette recipe. This is a very delicious and classic recipe. These types of recipes are huge hits as party foods. These types of recipes are really amazing among vegan recipes.

This delicious recipe is made with sweet potato, garlic, agave nectar, lime juice etc. Try making this recipe in extra virgin oil. This recipe takes 35 minutes to make. It is a gluten free vegan recipe that is good for your body and mind. Kids in my house used to not like sweet potato but now when I make it they gobble it up in no time. Make it too, I am sure everyone in your house will love it.
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3. Vegan Sweet and Spicy BBQ Tofu

Vegan Sweet and Spicy BBQ Tofu

I know you have tried great tasting tofu recipes before. But this time I created something new.  Those of us who love to cook or think about cooking and experiment are always good at creating or discovering something new.  So trust me, and make it. 

It is easy and interesting to make. You can make a better BBQ at home than at a restaurant in 1 hour. This Vegan Sweet and Spicy BBQ Tofu recipe is perfect for summer ideas. It is a vegan, gluten free and high protein dish. You can easily add this recipe to your high protein lunch ideas. It will give you a delicious lunch.
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4. Grilled Cauliflower Recipe

Grilled Cauliflower Recipe

This Grilled Cauliflower recipe is one of the most incredible tasting vegan grilling recipes. I have made it many times at my house. My husband and I make this Grilled Cauliflower recipe whenever we plan to watch a movie. It’s as simple as it is delicious.  All the ingredients are combined and the cauliflower is grilled to make the dish. I don’t have to spend much time in the kitchen to make this recipe. This is a quick and easy recipe.

This is the perfect recipe to quench our midnight hunger pangs. It is a very favorite dish of everyone in our house.  This recipe will also satisfy you as an afternoon side dish. And it requires cauliflower, garlic powder, soy sauce, brown sugar, rice vinegar, etc. This vegan and gluten free recipe is very tasty and tempting. Once you taste it, you can appreciate its taste. Grilled Cauliflower with Lemon Lime Party Punch and favorite movie with your partner. Ugh!  It’s really wonderful!
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5. Grilled Zucchini Hummus Roll-Ups

Grilled Zucchini Hummus Roll-Ups

This Grilled Zucchini Hummus Roll-Ups recipe is amazing as a side dish. I am sure you have never made a recipe like this with zucchini before. Then do it now!  I guarantee you will love it. It is also a great recipe for weight loss.  It is very easy and quick to make. You can’t imagine that it only takes 15 minutes to make.  Yes, GUY’S it’s true. It is completely vegan and gluten free. This recipe with zucchini will be a hit at any party.  So what are you waiting for!  Make this Grilled Zucchini Hummus Roll-Ups recipe quickly!
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6. Pineapple Tofu Skewers

Pineapple Tofu Skewers

Simple to make and excellent for grilling season are these Pineapple Tofu Skewers. It is possible to prepare and marinade the tofu in advance, keeping gathering quick and simple.

I am aware that the grilling season has long since finished and that we are all currently immersed in everything pumpkin spice. However, I tried out and took pictures of this dish a while ago but did not get around to sharing it. I thought about waiting until the next summer, but decided better late than never. Additionally, I am anxious to allow you to try this one because it is Very Sooo wonderful. Let’s cook fresh Pineapple Tofu Skewers since I’ll use my grill all year long!
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7. Vegan Grilled Caesar Salad

Vegan Grilled Caesar Salad

This is an excellent means to eat a salad, I’m telling you! We had to step it up by including roasted chickpeas and handmade croutons due to the fact that we couldn’t just make a standard vegan caesar salad. The chickpeas are as simple to prepare and may be baked with the croutons on the identical baking sheet. The Tahini Dressing comes last. It’s quite easy to make, and you’d be surprised at how much it resembles classic Caesar dressing. Tahini is a miraculous sauce, I tell you.
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8. Harissa Butter Grilled Cauliflower Steaks

Harissa Butter Grilled Cauliflower Steaks

This Harissa Butter Grilled Cauliflower Steaks recipe is one of the most luxurious vegan grilling recipes. This gorgeous recipe easily attracts everyone. It is very fun to make and you will surprise yourself when it is finished.  Because you’ll feel like you’ve arrived at a vegan restaurant. Yes, friends, the time has come to realize the atmosphere of the restaurant sitting at home.

This delicious recipe is made by combining cauliflower, oregano, harissa paste, lemon juice, tahini, plant based butter etc. My husband loves this recipe.  So I made this for Alex’s birthday party.  All the guests felt very satisfied after eating it and everyone was requesting me to tell them its recipe.
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9. Grilled Eggplant

Grilled Eggplant

Do you not like to eat eggplant!  Then try this Grilled Eggplant recipe. I am sure you will like it very much. Those who do not like to eat eggplant will become their favorite this time. It is very easy to make and very quick to make. I love it for lunch. There is a story behind its creation. One day I didn’t feel like cooking and there was nothing but eggplant in the kitchen. I did not understand what to make.

Even, I went to the garden and started thinking suddenly my neighbor came and called me. And, I told him about my condition while talking. Then she told me about this delicious and easy recipe. I started making as per his instructions. Then in the afternoon while having lunch, I realized how delicious the recipe made with this simple ingredient is. It’s actually surprisingly heartwarming. These types of side dishes easily win everyone’s hearts.
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10. Green Goddess Vegan Grilled Cheese

Green Goddess Vegan Grilled Cheese

I figured it was about time I developed a vegan grilled cheese dish because I’ve been a vegan for almost three years. It is extra, of course.  It’s packed with avocado, pesto, two kinds of vegan cheese, and other ingredients. Save this sandwich for those times where one is starving and wants something genuinely delectable. If you don’t consume it in place of an empty stomach, you won’t do it right. Additionally, I advise passing it forward to a friend because giving is caring.
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11. Rainbow Grilled Veggie Kabobs

Rainbow Grilled Veggie Kabobs

Taste the colors of the rainbow with these lovely based on plants Rainbow Grilled Veggie Kebab Skewers, which are completely vegetarian and vegan, free of dairy, free of gluten, nut-free, Paleo, allergen-friendly, and filled with powerful antioxidants, nutritional fiber, and essential nutrients & minerals. 

The grilling season is already in full swing as summer approaches!  Fortunately, grilling makes all vegetables taste better, so this is the ideal time to focus on eating more vegetables and really LOVE them. For any grilling event, delicious rainbow grilled veggie kabobs have been the ideal vegetarian main course or side dish.
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12. Grilled Glazed Carrots

Grilled Glazed Carrots

A delicious side dish for any holiday or easygoing meal is grilled carrots topped with a honey-brown sugar glaze. Your visitors will love these grilled and glazed carrots. My spouse and children would survive solely on toast and grilled meat if it weren’t for me. I’m the one who is always watching those boys closely to make sure they are getting enough vegetables because I’m the family stickler.

The right time to make each of these side dishes couldn’t be better, which is one of my goals for this year as I share increasingly more auxiliary dishes you can prepare on the barbecue or smoker. These vegan grilling recipes will surely delight any picky eaters who may be seated around the table as we get ready for the holidays this year. But you can also serve this recipe with spring salads that makes awesome.
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13. Grilled BBQ Watermelon Skewers

Grilled BBQ Watermelon Skewers

The ideal watermelon skewers for a vegan barbecue are grilled. This grilled fruit changes from a sweet to an umami-filled bite when flavored with a marinade of garlic and soy sauce. The taste of the sugary watermelon, which is typically consumed as a snack, is changed by these barbecued, grilled watermelon skewers. When the watermelon is cooked over high heat, the marinade’s wonderful, umami-rich flavor pairs perfectly with the fruit.

Perfect for skewers when combined with peppers and corn for a barbecue. A cool summer dish is grilled watermelon! Watermelon chunks are threaded onto skewers, drizzled with a lime and chipotle sauce, and then cooked until just charred. It tastes amazing together, sweet, spicy, and smokey. This food is one of my favorite side dishes. Make these amazing tasty vegan recipes on your own very easily.
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14. Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Nothing is more reassuring than a hot, melted grilled cheese sandwich. And thanks to these simple and delectable vegan grilled cheese recipes, the plant-based community no longer needs to be left out. Everyone enjoys grilled cheese, right? Many people find it to be a favorite comfort dish, but if you can’t eat dairy or gluten, you might be skeptical about whether you can even prepare a decent grilled cheese sandwich. It’s definitely possible, which is wonderful news! You can still have a melty, toasted, vegan grilled cheese with the correct substitutions.

It goes well with a hearty bowl of dairy-free tomato soup. There are so many different types of dairy-free butter and dairy alternatives that, if you’re unfamiliar to a vegan or dairy-free diet, you could feel overwhelmed. The variety of dairy-free butter and cheese available may be confusing to someone who is unfamiliar to a vegan or dairy-free diet. So, without wasting your time, make these vegan grilling recipes on your weekend for your loved ones.
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15. Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Zucchini, red onion and red peppers are used to make Veggie Skewers, which are then grilled to perfection, drizzled with tangy balsamic vinegar and coated with a fresh garlic herb sauce. During the sweltering summer months, skewers of meat and grilled vegetables are a quick and delectable way to enjoy all of your favorite dishes.

The ideal vegetarian entrée or delectable side dish to serve with steak, fish, or poultry is grilled vegetable skewers! These skewers are delicious, colorful, and simple to create! One of my favorite things to throw on the grill are skewers. They are simple to prepare in advance and excellent for feeding a large group or preparing a weeknight meal.

I enjoy grilling these vegetable skewers as a main course for vegan guests. Just having meals is so much pleasure! This recipe is simple to prepare in under 30 minutes because it takes around 15 minutes to prepare the skewers and 15 minutes to cook them. They are entirely vegan and naturally gluten-free.
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16. Grilled General Tso’s Cauliflower Kabobs Recipe

Grilled General Tso’s Cauliflower Kabobs Recipe

Grilled cauliflower kabobs with general tso’s sauce is a crunchy-sweet take on a traditional takeaway dish. These General Tso’s Roasted Cauliflower Kabobs are suitable as a vegan hors d’oeuvre or snack because they are on the healthier side. On skewers, cauliflower florets are grilled after being marinated in a soy, chile, and oil mixture. The dish is then finished with a hot, savory-sweet sauce and roasted sesame seeds for a crunch. Cauliflower in general tso’s sauce is a great simple side dish! I like the thought of serving it for Thanksgiving dinner.

Then more for us, hehe!) The cauliflower was created using my recipe for roasted cauliflower. To make the sauce “safe” for people who don’t eat meat, I substitute veggie broth for the chicken in all of my prior general tso’s interpretations. It tastes great when served with vegetables and grains as a dinner, side dish, or snack. (steamed broccoli, carrots, and snap peas would be especially delicious). It would also go well with our Almond Butter Tofu Stir-Fry, Quick Pickled Carrots, or Fresh Tofu Salad Wraps with Cashew Dipping Sauce.
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17. Vegan Souvlaki Tofu Skewers

Vegan Souvlaki Tofu Skewers

When you want to amaze your family and friends at a barbeque or party, this vegan souvlaki recipe is the ideal Greek food to bring. On homemade flatbread or rice, succulent cubes of marinated tofu are skewered with tangy tzatziki, fresh. In this simple flatbread recipe for vegan souvlaki, juicy marinated tofu chunks are skewered with creamy tzatziki and fresh tomato, red onion, and herbs. This bread bundle contains a tonne of flavor.

Even the most discerning eaters will enjoy it. This veggie souvlaki recipe is the greatest addition to a barbecue or a wonderful midweek meal choice. You’ll quickly add my version to your regular meal rotation because it uses simple ingredients and is so tasty. The ingredients can all be prepared in advance and combined right before serving. In actuality, if the flavors are allowed to develop and marinate for 1-2 days, they will only become stronger and better. tomato, onion, and herbs. Make this dish a side dish on your weekend parties and enjoy.
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18. Easy Grilled Vegetable Platter with Chimichurri Sauce (Vegan)

Easy Grilled Vegetable Platter with Chimichurri Sauce (Vegan)

This Simple Grilled Vegetable Platter with Chimichurri is summer on your plate with an abundance of vibrant grilled vegetables like lettuce, bell peppers, and broccolini, sweet potato, tomatoes, & zucchini (or whatever your other seasonal faves!). If you want more goodness of vegetables for your next summer meals, serve the deliciously roasted vegetables with a fresh, zingy chimichurri sauce that you created yourself.

The tempting appetizer or side dish on this grilled vegetable plate is ideal for summer entertaining. It is entirely dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian. This summer, I have a feeling that grilled veggie platters will become all you can think about. Even the most ardent vegetarians cannot resist a gorgeous tray of grilled vegetables! So, don’t waste your time. Make this delicious vegan platter as soon as possible.
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19. Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad with Herbed White Beans 

Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad with Herbed White Beans 

You are losing out if you have never attempted to grill romaine lettuce. It gives the food a new layer of smokey flavor, slightly wilts the lettuce to make it easier to eat, and is also just plain entertaining. Your cooking abilities will leave your dinner guests speechless!

To begin, preheat your grill (or grill pan), then prepare the lettuce by halving it, lightly spritzing with oil to keep it from sticking, and seasoning with salt and pepper. Then, marinate the white beans (or other preferred legume) in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, raw garlic, herbs, and salt to taste. Simple as pie; done. This salad should be a hit with you. It’s tasty, gratifying, savory, smoky, quick, & easy! But you should try more lettuce salad recipes for meal prep.
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20. Easy Grillable Veggie Burgers

Easy Grillable Veggie Burgers

Since it’s officially grilling season, we thought it’d be great to create a vegetarian burger that’s not only created with wholesome, nutritious ingredients, but that can also be cooked on the grill. Make these easy-to-make, delectable veggie burgers to grill at all of your summer cookouts. 

This filling burger will be popular with just about everyone because it is made with beans, vegetables, and a zesty flavor blend. Hearty ingredients like rice, black beans, and mushrooms combine to create a flavorful patty with the ideal texture in this burger. Lacking a grill? Not to worry! You can bake these vegetable burgers as well.
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21. Balsamic Garlic Grilled Mushroom Skewers

Balsamic Garlic Grilled Mushroom Skewers

Balsamic and garlic marinated grilled mushrooms that are smoky have to be one of my favorite vegan grilling recipes. One of my favorite foods is mushrooms, and grilling them is the best thing ever! These delicious and simple to prepare balsamic garlic grilled mushroom skewers are ideal for summer barbecues and get-togethers. 

The mushrooms only need to be skewered, marinated in a quick and delicious balsamic garlic marinade, and then grilled! Keep in mind these balsamic garlic grilled mushroom skewers the next time you’re searching for a side dish, some delectable appetizers, or even an easy entrée for your backyard grilling party!
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