Holiday Treats

21 Delicious Holiday Treats That You’ll Love!

Hey guys! Good morning!  I know you are waiting for Christmas just like me. Christmas means many holidays.  Office, school, college holidays. Family going somewhere together or else spending nice time together at home. All holidays fade without delicious food, right?  That’s why I came up with Holiday Treats. What if you don’t make great recipes on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Then read these great party ideas! And make your own list of favorite foods.  Here are recipes from Mini Christmas Cheesecake to Holiday Peanut Butter Chocolate Meltaways. I’m sure you’ll love these recipes. Don’t wait any longer! Get ready to make Christmas treats! Merry Christmas in advance!

21. Mini Cheesecake

Mini Cheesecake

Cheesecake is my favorite dessert. On a chilly winter evening, when I am all by myself, I go to a cafe and order a slice of cheesecake with a cappuccino and flip through the pages of my favorite book and keep on reading for hours. Thus I spend my “me-time” indulging in what I love doing the most. I was planning on making some holiday treats for Christmas and it suddenly occurred to me that I should make some mini Christmas cheesecakes for Christmas. Even, you can make easter cheesecake recipes for easter and other celebration.

They are not only cute, adorable, and pretty but full of classic New York cheesecake flavor in all Christmas glory. I chose to make the cheesecake crust with Oreo biscuits rather than with Graham crackers and the batter is a marbled red and green cheesecake batter. You don’t need a springform pan to bake these cheesecakes.

I baked these in cupcake cases and once they were baked, I just peeled off the cases and topped them with whipped cream and gold and confetti sprinkles. These festival cheesecakes are perfect for Christmas party ideas. They are your favorite cheesecake but in mini size and in a Christmas-inspired look!
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20. Melted Snowman Bark

Melted Snowman Bark

It gives me so much joy to make desserts for kids. It just takes some simple decorations to make fun desserts for kids and anything that looks funny and cartoon-type catches their attention and gives them immense joy. So I decided to make this melted snowman bark for Christmas for my little son and his friends. His friends are coming over for the Christmas party or other parties at our house and my son requested I make some fun desserts for them.

This melted snowman bark resembles melted snowman with eyes and hats and hands that have scattered on the ice because of the snowmen being melted. You will just need 5 ingredients to make this melted snowman bark and it’s unbelievably easy to make it. All you need to do is melt the white chocolate almond bark and spread it over a parchment sheet and then put pairs of candy eyes on it.

I also put halved mini peanut butter cups that resemble hats and I used red and black colored royal icing to make the buttons and the hands of the melted snowmen respectively. After I finished making it, it really looked so funny that my son started laughing at it. You too can make these easy holiday treats for your kids on Christmas and surprise them. You have to see the reaction on their face because it will make you more than happy.
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Sugar Cookie Truffles

You have tried sugar cookies but I am sure you have never tried these sugar cookie truffles. I made them for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year and they turned out to be extremely delicious! These Holiday Treats are easier to make than it is to make sugar cookies. And can you believe you just need three ingredients to make these truffles? Yes! And truffles are always easy to make that you already know.

You will just need some crunchy sugar cookies, some cream cheese and some melted white chocolate to dip your truffles in. You can always go with some festive decorations as I did. After your truffles are done, just sprinkle some colorful sprinkles over them and see how pretty they already look. you will have these truffles made in less than a quarter of an hour!

Just crush the sugar cookies in a blender jar and mix some cream cheese and form truffle balls and dip them in melted white chocolate. Place them over parchment paper when the truffles are set and sprinkle some colorful sprinkles over them and that’s it! I know you want to take a bite, so go ahead, don’t resist yourself!
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18. Candy Cane Whipped Shortbread

Candy Cane Whipped Shortbread

This is the loveliest part of the year when I get to bake a lot of desserts, cookies, and cakes. When I can smell Christmas all over the town, I get my baking ingredients and bake all my heart wants for my loved ones. I am a dessert person and I love baking, so this is my favorite time of the year. Christmas means baking Christmas-inspired desserts.

Just like we all love to get dressed up in new attires and decorate our surroundings with colorful lighting and decorations during Christmas, our foods too should be decorated to give us a Christmas feel. So I made these candy cane shortbread cookies which are reminiscent of the Christmas look. The dough of these shortbread cookies has crushed red, green, and white candy canes but if you can’t find them, you can substitute them with crushed peppermint candies or the white and red candy canes.

I made these cookies for my sister who lives in the south and every year we attend the Christmas party at her house. Just like me, she loves desserts like cakes and cookies, especially my handmade ones. When she received these cookies, she started eating them right without spending a word. She said she is not going to share these cookies with anyone. She liked them so much that hid them in a secret place so she could enjoy them later.
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17. Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark

When It’s Christmas, I want all my desserts to have peppermint in them! I remember how I used to convince my parents to buy me peppermint candies for Christmas when I was a child. These candies used to be my heart, and now when I am a grown up, I am still obsessed with these peppermint candies and I love to use these candies in my desserts.

This Christmas, I wanted to make some gifts for my friends and relatives so I made up some gift hampers for them. I also wanted to add some homemade desserts in those hampers. This three layered chocolate peppermint bark has two layers of white chocolate and a layer of dark chocolate in between and the top of the bark is decorated with crushed candy canes.

These are just perfect holiday treats to gift your friends and relatives on Christmas. They not only taste amazing but look extremely cute and festive and these are super simply to make as well. You don’t need to spend hours of baking or cooking to make these simple peppermint barks. They are easy, festive and delicious gifting and party ideas for Christmas.
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16. Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies

As a kid, I used to love those thumbprint cookies that we used to get at our school canteen. These thumbprint cookies are crispy butter cookies filled with jam and rolled in chopped nuts. The jam filling gives the cookies a sweet and fruity flavor and the nuts add extra crunch and a nutty flavor and aroma to the cookies. As a child, I could never imagine that one day, I would be able to make these cookies at home.

Growing up, I developed a passion for baking and these thumbprint cookies were the first ever cookies I ever baked. I bake these cookies every year on Christmas to cherish my childhood days again and again. So I decided, I would share this recipe with you so that you can make these thumbprint cookies at home. I rolled the cookies over chopped almonds and cashews and filled half of them with a mixed fruit jam and the other half with pineapple jam. You can use any jam and nut of your choice. Bake them for Christmas and Thanksgiving and share with your loved ones.
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15. Cranberry Pistachio White Chocolate Bark

Cranberry Pistachio White Chocolate Bark

This white chocolate bark is crafted with tart cranberries and salty pistachios, two of the finest ingredients. The pistachios and cranberries provide a crunchy texture to the bark’s rich flavor, making it ideal for occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. In order to prepare these no-bake holiday treats, first microwave some chopped white chocolate. Stir in the chopped pistachios and dried cranberries after adding them.

On a parchment sheet put over a flat surface, spread the chocolate. Add more dried cranberries, chopped pistachios, and mini dark chocolate chips on top at this point. Let the bark harden in the fridge now, and viola! Your beautiful white chocolate pistachio cranberry bark is prepared! Put them in your mouth after breaking them up into bits.
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14. Cranberry Lemon Bars

Cranberry Lemon Bars

You will love these Cranberry lemon bars for their sweet and tangy flavors. These bars have the perfect amount of sweetness that is not too overwhelming as the tangy flavors from Cranberry and lemon balances out the sweetness in these bars. These are perfect for your party ideas. If you are looking for deserts to add to your party menu for Christmas or Thanksgiving then these bars are for you.

I was tired of making and eating chocolate desserts and wanted to switch to some tangy fruity dessert and these bars came to my mind just right then. These bars have three layers – a layer of buttery vanilla crust topped with the layer of cranberry compote, finally a layer of lemon and egg mixture. These bars are full of textures from the vanilla crust to the jammy cranberry compote layer and the fluffy lemon and egg top. Make it for any occasion and enjoy it with your friends and family.
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13. Chocolate Coconut Balls {5-ingredients}

Chocolate Coconut Balls {5-ingredients}

When you bite into these rich, chocolatey truffles with coconut flavoring, they will melt in your mouth. One of the best truffle recipes on my list of holiday treats are these 5-ingredient truffles. You’ll be astounded by how inexpensive, easily produced, and delicious these are. Give your visitors a treat they’ll never forget with these oh-so-chocolate truffle balls.

You’ll also need ghee (clarified butter) or melted butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips, coconut cream, condensed milk, and desiccated coconut. Add the coconut cream, condensed milk, and chocolate chips after heating the desiccated coconut in a skillet until it begins to turn a light golden color. Turn off the heat as soon as the mixture begins to bubble and the chocolate melts, which should take around 2 to 3 minutes. After 10 minutes of cooling, immediately scoop up the mixture and roll it into balls. Eat the balls after sprinkling them over a platter of desiccated coconut.
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Gingerbread Cookie Bars

Sometimes I like to spend my holidays alone. After days of work stress and hectic schedule, I like to relax on my holidays, away from the crowd, with some of my favorite pastimes. On a cozy winter holiday afternoon, I would make myself a mug of hot coffee and enjoy myself with my favorite snack like this Gingerbread cookie bar. These Gingerbread cookie bars are extremely affordable and easy to make.

These cookie bars are best served with a cream cheese frosting spread on top and some festive sprinkles. The warm spices in these Gingerbread cookie bars not only lends these cookie bars a distinct spiced flavor but also give them a beautiful aroma. The spices that go in this gingerbread cookie bar are ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. All of these warm spices make these Gingerbread cookie bars the perfect dessert for the winter occasions. If you love Gingerbread cookies and spiced cakes, I am sure, these gingerbread cookie bars are going to steal your heart.
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11. White Chocolate Cranberry Fudge Recipe 

White Chocolate Cranberry Fudge Recipe 

The whole town is celebrating the arrival of Christmas. It’s all decked up and lit up everywhere, Christmas carols are being played at every cafe, shop, house and roadside, people are celebrating with their loved ones, eating good food and wine and singing their hearts out. It gives me so much joy to see the whole town celebrating the arrival of Christmas and the end of a whole new year so merrily.

It reminds us that just like we celebrate new beginnings we should also celebrate the endings. My way to celebrate is to make good desserts for my loved ones. This white chocolate cranberry fudge is the ultimate creamy fudge dessert for this festive season. Christmas-theme red and white, white chocolate cranberry fudge is one of my favorite holiday treats. The tartness of the cranberries complements the sweetness of white chocolate so well in this fudge that it will melt in your mouth the moment you bite into it. And I promise it will melt your heart too!
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Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars

Snickerdoodle cookie fans, here’s a treat for you! We are going to make snickerdoodle cookies but in bar form. These snickerdoodle cookie bars taste exactly like the classic snickerdoodle cookies but the best part in this recipe is that you don’t need to make individual cookie rolls. Just press your cookie dough in a square baking tin and sprinkle generously with cinnamon sugar and bake it. Your effort will be halved in this recipe.

These snickerdoodle cookie bars are chewy, soft and slightly tangy with flavors and aroma of cinnamon in them. We have sprinkled the top with cinnamon sugar. I made these cookie bars for Thanksgiving this year and gifted them to my friends as  thanksgiving gifts. They said they loved these cookie bars and wanted the recipe for it.
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9. Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

I stay away from home for my university studies. So whenever I go home on holidays, I like to take gifts with me and I make them with my own hands – gifts like handmade cards, paper lanterns and desserts. This time, when I went home on Christmas holidays, I made these homemade cinnamon sugar pecans for my family. They might sound fancy but are extremely affordable and effortless to make. But beside that, you can try high protein snacks for healthy eating.

Only six ingredients are needed to make these cinnamon sugar pecans – whole pecan nuts, granulated sugar, ground cinnamon, vanilla extracts, eggs and sea salt. These cinnamon sugar pecans are crunchy, sweet-salty and cinnamony. My parents did not believe that I made them at home all by myself. They thought that I might have bought them from some mall or supermarket and when I said that I made them at home, they were extremely proud of me.

My little sister loved these cinnamon sugar pecans and she declared that these are her favorite snack. She also took some of these for her friends and told them that her elder sister made them. She said all of her friends liked these pecans and wanted more of them.
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8. Dipped Oreo Cookies Simple Holiday Recipe

Dipped Oreo Cookies Simple Holiday Recipe

Oreos are my favorite cookies and I know it’s a favorite with most of you too. I wanted to create something special for Christmas with oreos but not like using them for the crust of a cheesecake or tart or anything like that. So I simply dipped them in melted white chocolate and sprinkled them with festive sprinkles. These dipped Oreo cookies are one of the most simplest holiday treats you will ever make.

They are so easy to make that I let my 3-year-old son make them. I just melted the white chocolate and asked him to dip the oreos in the chocolate and place them on a tray. Once the chocolate was set, he sprinkled some colorful sprinkles on top of the oreos and they were done in like 5 minutes. Make these easy holiday treats for Christmas. You can also place them on the cookie tray that you planned to make for your Christmas party ideas.
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7. Grinch Cookies

Grinch Cookies

I promised my son that we will watch a movie together on the day before Christmas Eve after coming back from work. But when I came back from work that day, I freshened up and started making dinner. I completely forgot about the movie plan with my son. My son came to me and reminded me of the plan. I felt really bad about forgetting it. So I  told him that we are going to watch his favorite movie after I finish making dinner.

I know ‘The Grinch’ is his favorite movie, so we decided to watch it that night. The next day, it suddenly occurred to me that I should make some grinch cookies for my son’s Christmas gift. Like every year, this year too, I am her secret Santa. So I made these grinch cookies and secretly put them inside the socks that he had hung beside his bed expecting some gift. The next day, when he found these cookies inside his socks he was extremely happy and came running to me saying, “Look, mama, Santa gifted me these grinch cookies because we watched the grinch the other day and he knows that the grinch is my favorite character.”

I laughed so much at those words! Oh God! Kids are so innocent! Anyway, the recipe for these grinch cookies is really quick and easy. These cookies are made with white cake mix and the green color is due to the green gel food coloring in the cookie dough. These Holiday Treats will take less than 30 minutes to make, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time baking them because I know you have other things to do for Christmas.
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6. Holiday Ornament Oreo Truffles Recipe 

Holiday Ornament Oreo Truffles Recipe 

Everybody knows that truffles are my favorite desserts and why won’t they be anyone’s favorite? They are incredibly easy to make and insanely delicious in every bite. These holiday ornament Oreo truffles got me drooling and I am sure the picture has made you salivate too. Aren’t they the perfect for Christmas party ideas? They are all decked up in pretty Christmas onmentations and equally indulgent in taste.

These oreo cheesecake truffles are coated in melted white chocolate. These truffles are decorated with colorful sprinkles, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups and red lace licorice but you can decorate with whatever you want. They are the perfect form of dessert for kids and adults like me who are great dessert lovers. They’re also great gifting options on any occasion. In this festive season, whenever I go to someone’s house, I take something with me for them. That makes them tremendously happy and I love to see that happiness on their faces.
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5. Butter Cookies

Butter Cookies

My kids love butter cookies so I used to buy loads of them whenever I visited the supermarket. But this time I thought I would make some butter cookies at home. So I gave them a try. I had all the ingredients at home so I did not have to buy any from the market and I was surprised how affordable these butter cookies were to make at home. In the supermarket, these butter cookies are sold at high prices. But when made at home, the cost decreases to half of the price of the packaged butter cookies.

You will just need some basic ingredients to make these butter cookies at home and they will already be inside your cupboard. I made these cookies at home and achieved the perfect crispy and buttery cookies.  Would you believe, you just need 6 ingredients to make these cookies. So next time you think of buying butter cookies from the market, remind yourself that you can save so much money on a package of butter cookies if you make them at home. The ingredients required for making these butter cookies are flour, salt , unsalted butter, sugar, yolks, vanilla extract and sanding sugar.
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4. Pecan Pie Bites

Pecan Pie Bites

Everyone in my family, as you are already aware, has a major sweet tooth and adores homemade treats. My children enjoy helping me prepare treats. They have, I must say, learned a lot, and that makes me very happy. I therefore intended to prepare something unique from my vegan new years eve dishes on the new years eve in order to impress everyone.

Pecan pie bites are what they are. Every bite of these delectable pecan pie pieces is crunchy and creamy. My children adore them. The filling contains brown sugar, light corn syrup, melted butter, vanilla and toasted pecans. These are gorgeous in every sense. These holiday treats are ideal for your Thanksgiving party ideas.
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3. Reindeer Bark

Reindeer Bark

Making desserts for kids makes me so happy. Kids love desserts or Holiday Treats that seem silly and cartoon-like since it only takes a few easy decorations to make something that makes them smile. So I made this reindeer Christmas bark for my little son and his friends for Christmas. My son asked me to make some entertaining sweets for his mates because they are coming over for the Christmas celebration at our house.

With eyes, a nose, and ears, this reindeer Christmas bark looks like a cartoon reindeer. This holiday bark is incredibly simple to create and only requires 6 ingredients. Simply melt the chocolate chips or almond bark, spread it out in circles on a parchment-lined baking sheet, then decorate it with pairs of candy eyes, ears, noses, and horns. When I was done building it, my son actually started laughing at it because it really looked funny. You can surprise your kids with these simple holiday snacks on Christmas by making them. It will make you quite thrilled to watch the expression on their faces.
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2. Peppermint Truffles

Peppermint Truffles

I use peppermint in practically all of my dessert dishes at this time of year. I can still feel the excitement I used to have while purchasing peppermint candy for Christmas as a child. Even as an adult, I will never get tired of the flavor of peppermint. I made the decision to prepare some peppermint truffles for Christmas this year. Just 4 ingredients are required to prepare them.

To prepare these truffles, I used cacao powder, coconut milk, and dark chocolate chips. I included some peppermint extracts to provide the peppermint flavor. After making the truffles, dust them with cacao powder. On top, you can add crushed peppermint candy canes as a garnish. These luscious and delectable peppermint truffles will rank among your favorite holiday treats. After making these, I couldn’t resist myself and gobble up almost 5 of these!
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1. Holiday Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

Holiday Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

Holiday peanut butter chocolate cups are 4-ingredient holiday treats for Christmas. I have always been in love with easy dessert recipes and I hold this one really close to my heart. These have only 4 ingredients and are super duper easy, quick and effortless to make. All the 4 ingredients that this recipe calls for are healthy therefore you don’t need to worry about your diet.

Use good quality white and dark chocolate along with creamy peanut butter and coconut oil. Melt all of them together and pour into small baking cups and let them set in the freezer for about an hour. Now, do I have to tell you what your next step is going to be? Go, grab them and bite into chocolate deliciousness. You can also decorate them if you want to or eat them as is. I decorated them with red and green royal icing.
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